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Who Is William Michael Dennis AKA Mike Dennis? Wikipedia Details, Wife, Now & Kids

William Michael Dennis Wikipedia

William Michael Denni, aka Mike Dennis, is the murderer of his former pregnant wife on the day of Halloween. To find out what he did and where he is now, please follow this article as he doesn’t have any Wikipedia page. 

Who Is William Michael Dennis, aka Mike Dennis? Wikipedia Details

William Michael Dennis is a convict who murdered his former pregnant wife with a machete in 1984. He was born in 1950, making him 71 years old. Dennis comes from white ethnicity and follows Christianity as a religion. Since he was born in the USA, he holds an American nationality.

He was a decent student in high school and even joined college. However, he left college after his junior year. During his early life, he never provoked any kind of fight. However, if someone came searching for trouble, he never backed.

Seventy-one years old murder has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches.

Who Are William Michael Dennis’ Parents?

William Michael Dennis’ parents were very loving and caring. His parents never abused him. Even though his parents weren’t rich, they never had a problem to fulfill their basic needs. However, his life after 10 was a bit tough.

There isn’t much information about his siblings.

When Did William Michael Dennis Marry His Former Wife?

William Michael Dennis married his former wife in August 1972. The pair first met in January 1972. At the time of their meeting, William worked as a  technician at the Lockhead Factory. Whereas his former wife, Doreen, worked as a Physical Therapist.

However, their marriage didn’t last long and ended in 1977. The pair welcomed a son, Paul, on 17 April 1976. After the divorce, Paul’s full custody went to his mother, and Michael could visit him once a week. However, Paul died in February 1980 due to drowning in the pool ins the house of Doreen and her husband.

Why Did William Michael Dennis Kill Doreen?

William Michael Dennis killed his former wife, Doreen, as he blamed Doreen for killing their son. William always claimed that Doreen murdered his son.


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After the death of Paul, William even filed a wrongful death suit against Doreen and her husband, which ruled in favor of Doreen and Charles.

Then comes a dark night of Halloween 1984, when William murdered his pregnant former wife wearing a wolf’s mask. In 1988, after four years of murder, he was sentenced to death.

Where Is Wiliam Michael Dennis Now?

As he was sentenced to death, William Michael Dennis is waiting for his death row. Currently, he is in San Quentin State prison. Dennis has launched multiple appeals against his sentence. None of which have been successful.

How Much Net Worth Did William Michael Dennis Have?

Prior to being prisoned, William Michael Dennis had a net worth of $50,000. He made around $12000  as a Technician in the USA.