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Who Is Con Artist Peggy Fulford? Where Is She Now? Wikipedia, Net Worth, Scam, & Husband

Peggy Fulford Wikipedia

Peggy Fulford is a con artist and nearly-turned Reality star. She had her name on scamming multiple athletes from NBA and NFL. People are keen to know about her. However, she doesn’t have any Wikipedia page, so here we are with information about her.

Who Is Peggy Fulford? Wikipedia Details

Peggy Fulford is a con who was able to build a multimillion scam that deceived some of the top athletes in the NBA and NFL. She cuts her birthday cake on 10 October. Since she was born in 1958, she is 61 years old. She was born in New Orleans, making her an American national. She has African American ethnicity and follows Christianity as a religion. Her full name is Peggy Ann Fulford.

Peggy used to present herself as a graduate of Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. However, there are no documents to prove her statement. But the record shows she graduated from Spelman College.

At the age of 61, she has the body of a model with a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Who Are Peggy Fulford’s Parents?

Peggy Fulford’s parents raised her in New Orleans, Louisiana, with proper care. Her father’s name is Donald Barard, and her mother’s name is Juanita Barard. Her parents were very supportive of her career.

Information about her siblings isn’t public. So, there is no clear idea if she has any brother or sister.

Is Peggy Fulford Married?

It seems Peggy Fulford has married five times in her lifetime. Her last name, Fulford, comes from he husband’s side. Prior to him, Peggy married he ex-husband Forrest King, an emergency physician.

Another name on her husband’s list is Stanley Williams. They married in 2002 and divorced in 2008. Her first husband was a victim of a DC-6 crash on 6 September 1985.

Furthermore, there are traces of Peggy having four children from 3 different marriages.

What Did Peggy Fulford Do?

Peggy Fulford is the Business Manager at King Management Group. She has managed multiple top athletes in the NBA and NFL. Peggy was the business manager to 31 professional athletes who looked to her to help to control their financial lives.

She ran a multimillion scam on players like Ricky Williams, Travis Best, Lex Hilliard, and Dennis Rodman.

Peggy was arrested after she was conning Dr. Joseph Bourcee to jointly redevelop the former campus of Holy Cross High School as an assisted-living community for the elderly. After knowing the property was never on sale, Dr. Joseph canceled a $197,000 cheque. However, another cheque for $174,000 was gone.

Where Is Peggy Fulford Now?

After her con activities from 2001 to 2014, She was prisoned in 2018 for ten years. She is currently serving her sentence. A federal judge in Houston even ordered her to pay her victims $5.8 million in restitution.

She will be released from prison in 2028.

How Much Is Peggy Fulford’s Net Worth? House Details

Before going to jail, she had an estimated net worth of $ 10 million. However, her net worth is still around $4 million after paying her victims. 

During the time of the scam, she had multiple homes, including a mansion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a fleet of luxury vehicles, including a Rolls-Royce, and nearly $2 million in American Express bills.