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Nene Leakes Revealed That Her Husband Gregg Leakes Was Hospitalized


The reality star, NeNe, opened up during an Instagram Live with The Jasmine Brand on 28 June 2021 that her husband Gregg Leakes cancer has returned.

After almost three years with stage 3 colon cancer has returned and was recently taken to the hospital and had to undergo surgery.

“He’s been in the hospital for a week,” she has spoken out about her husband’s current health battle. “I’m sure he’ll be home in about a week or so. He had to have surgery.”

She later added that he had gone through the surgery before and stayed in the hospital for about 15 days. “I’m sure he’ll be home in about a week or so. … I’d love everybody to pray for Gregg and pray for me too, which would be beautiful for their strength.

NeNe Leakes first shared publicly in 2018 that Gregg Leakes was batting against 3 stage colon cancer. The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes has shared every step of their fight against cancer, including making healthy lifestyle changes with diet and exercise and doubling down on her players.

On 17 September 2018, NeNe Leakes has uploaded a photo with the caption:

My hunni is having what we hope and pray is his last surgery towards a full recovery today! It will be a long surgery so we are asking you to pray for the surgeon’s hands, pray for Gregg’s comfort please! Prayers, strength, peace and kindness for myself, his children and family during this time! Amen (come on pray warriors🙌🏾) Lord i tell ya, sometimes you never know what a person is going thru! I will update you all as much as i can on my insta story

Gregg’s wife has revealed that he has been hospitalized for 15 days. Likewise, Gregg had been hospitalized in November 2017 due to a low heart rate.

On 13 May 2019, it was announced when she declared that he was cancer-free after completing chemotherapy via NeNe’s Instagram page.

Look at God! We are over joyed to say, we saw the doctors for the results of Gregg’s Pet Scan he took last week! Test show, wait for It…..WE ARE CANCER FREE!!! Yes God! Now i can go give Gregg a black eye 👊🏾since so many thinks he’s abused

Their family, friends, and fans are praying for his good health and his strength.