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Who Is Deja Vu Martian Boris Kipriyanovich? Know About His Wikipedia Details, Mother, & Truth Behind His Mars Born

Boris Kipriyanovich

Boris Kipriyanovich is a 26-year-old Russian man in the limelight as he alleged that he was born on Mars in his previous birth and added that he recalled all the memories of his previous life. 

Looking after his social media presence, Boris can be found on Instagram, where 3,099 people have followed him.

Who Is Boris Kipriyanovich? Wikipedia Details

Boris Kipriyanovich was born on 11th January 1996, and his birthplace was in Volzhsk, Russia. He is currently 26 years old as of 2022, and his birth sign is Capricorn. He celebrates his birthday every year on the 11th of January. 

In addition, Boris holds Russian nationality, follows the path of Christianity, and belongs to the White ethnicity.

Talking about his physical measurement, there is no exact height and weight measurement. However, he has an average height and a decent body weight.

As for his education, he has not revealed any details of his educational background. However, he has been believed to be an intelligent person since childhood, recognized by his teachers for his outstanding and incredible memory capacities, unlike other children.

Who Are Boris Kipriyanovich’s Parents?

Boris Kipriyanovich was born to his parents in Volzhsk, Russia, in 1996, and his parents worked as physicians. His mother’s name is Nadia, and she is also a doctor. She noticed when her son was able to hold his head up without her support for two weeks. 

Boris showed that he could read, draw and paint when he was only two years old and talked about Mars and space-related phenomena even when his parents never talked to him about those things. 

His mother shared that Boris started recalling his past life on Mars and shared detailed facts about Mars, planetary systems, and other civilizations. His parents took him on their family trip when he was seven, and during a campfire gathering, Boris shared his stories of being Martian in his past life with the people. The professor in the audience recorded Boris’s stories, and he came into the limelight for his story.

Boris Kipriyanovich seems to be the only child of his parents as he has not talked about his siblings. So. It is unsure if they exist or not.

Why did Boris Kipriyanovich Claim That He Is From Mars?

Boris became well-known to the public when he claimed to be a Martian in the past life and shared that the Martians were around seven feet tall and breathed Carbon Dioxide, and lived underground on the Red Planet. 

Boris also claimed he visited Earth multiple times as a Martian pilot and shared that Earth will change significantly when the Great Sphinx of Giza is unlocked.

He added that his life as a Martian ended when a nuclear war erupted on Mars that destroyed many Martians’ life and the atmosphere on Mars. He specified that The Great Spot on Jupiter was because the Martians failed to create a sun out of Jupiter.

Boris alleged that he was not the only one with such fate, many other Martian was reborn on Earth as Indigo children, and they were on a mission to avoid an apocalyptic nuclear war on Earth.