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Who Is Welcome To Plathville’s Barry Plath? Wikipedia, Kids, Parents, Wife, & Net Worth

Barry Plath Wikipedia

People know Barry Plath from the series Welcome To Plathville. However, people know very little about his personal life, net worth and other stuff. Please keep reading the articles to find out about him.

Who Is Barry Plath? Wikipedia Details

Barry Plath is a TV personality who gained fame on the TV show Welcome To Plathville. He celebrates his birthday on 6 March every year. He was born in 1968, making him 54 years old. Barry has an American Nationality, as he was born in Georgia, USA. He has faith in God and follows Christianity. His full name is Barry Robert Plath.

Barry, at 58 years old, looks fit and has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches.

Who Is Barry Plath Married To? Married Life

Barry Plath has been married to Kimberly Doherty Plath since 1997. Based on their story, not only God told Barry to marry Kim, but the same happened to Kim. The event took place in the spring of 1997.

Barry has been kind and loving towards his wife and never became judgemental in any situation.

How Many Kids Does Barry Plath And Kim Plath Have?

As parents, Barry Plath and Kim Plath welcomed 10 children in total to this world. However, their one son, Joshua Plath, died in 2008 in a tragic accident. Other nine children, Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy, are the part of family show Welcome to Plathville.


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Barry and Kim homeschooled their children. They limited access to technology for their kids, and there is no TV in the house.

Two elder children of the Plath couple, Ethan and Hosanna, are married. The Plath couple is the grandparents of Hosanna’s Son.

Are Barry Plath And Kim Plath Divorcing?

In simple words, stories lead us to a conclusion that Barry Plath and Kim Plath may get divorced soon. The couple has gone through various ups and downs in their 25 years of marriage life. In the premiere of the 4th season, Barry said he thought Kim was going through a mid-life crisis. In contrast, Kim said that she spent her two decades as a full-time mom, teacher, and wife, and now she wanted to look after herself.

She even abandoned her conservative dress and started wearing skirts. In addition, she bought her own dance studio, where one of her kids speculated that she did this so that she would have a source of income after the pair divorced.

It’s just a lead till now; the answer is they may get a divorce soon.

What Does Barry Plath Do For A Living?

Barry Plath has been working as a transportation planner with URS Transportation for around four decades now. Kim also works out of her home as a naturopathic doctor.

Barry also works on the 55-acre farm in Georgia. Moreover, he is the frontman of the family band that has performed in Christian Baptist Churches and various other venues.

How Much Is Barry Plath’s Net Worth? House Details

Barry Plath has an estimated net worth of $3 million from years of his work. He and his family are paid a sufficient amount for filming their real life. He makes an average salary of $65,562 as the transportation Planner.

The family has a 55-acre farm in rural Georgia. Barry earns money by listing his farmhouse for $100 a night on Airbnb. He and his wife, Kim, bought a house in 2017 in a suburban area of Cairo, Georgia, for $55000.