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Ashleigh Murray Gives Hint On Returning Back To Riverdale For Josie’s Episode

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Ashleigh Murray is back on The CW series Riverdale in the role of Josie McCoy. Though Ashleigh Murray exited Riverdale after Season 3, her fans were not happy. And were constantly complaining to the production and creative teams from Season 3 about Josie’s character’s lack of screen time.

At last, a complaint has been addressed by both the production house and Ashleigh Murray herself as she is back for Season 5. However, the compensation of three seasons could not be done in just one episode. 

Ashleigh Murray, who quitted Riverdale after Season 3 and appeared on its spin-off Katy Keene was hoping for more character development opportunities. On the contrary, the hope went into a vein when the cancelation of Katy Keene was announced after Season 1. 

Ashleigh Murray believes that Josie deserves proper closure. So, she came back to Riverdale. Ashleigh Murray’s character Josie is now a superstar as she always dreams of being from her childhood. And she is enjoying her world tour.

She comes to visit her hometown Riverdale on her world tour. She has to go through different emotions and drama as she faces her former Pussycat bandmates Melody and Valerie. The role of Melody and Valerie is played by Asha Bromfield and Hayley Law, respectively.

The episode is musical as Ashleigh Murray’s role of Josie is having a world tour and, of course, she is a superstar now, so it’s a must. In the episode, fans will have the opportunity to listen to Josie singing songs by Celine Dion and Nina Simone.

Ashleigh Murray shares her experience of shooting the episode. She mentions that the episode directly addresses Josie’s limited screen time in an awkward conversation between her and the Riverdale gang. And this is the very first time that characters are addressing it and being vocal about it.

At the same time, fans and Ashleigh Murray have always been vocal about it. Ashleigh Murray shares that she has no immediate plan of returning to the series. And the current return is only a one-time deal to give proper closure to Josie.