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Who Is ‘Skin’ Star Kathryn Prescott? Is She Dating Anyone? Explore About Her Net Worth

kathryn prescott bio

Kathryn Prescott is 30 years old English actress. Kathryn Prescott rose to frame and is best known for the role of Emily Fitch in the U.K. series ‘Skins’ and ‘Finding Carter.’

Kathryn Prescott is also a professional photographer. Recently, Kathryn Prescott was admitted to ICU.

What Is Kathryn Prescott’s Net Worth? Career Insights

English actress Kathryn Prescott has an estimated net worth of around $ 2 million.

Kathryn Prescott made her debut with a single episode of BBC drama Doctors in 2000.  In 2008, Kathryn Prescott appeared in Doctors: Dare, Double Dare, Truth along with her twin sister Megan Prescott.

It was Kathryn Prescott’s role as Emily Fitch on the teen drama television series ‘Skins’ that gave her recognition in 2007. Both twin sisters were part of this series for the third season. Kathryn Prescott continues her role in the fourth season as well, 2013.

 In 2013, she made a guest appearance in series like Monroe, Casualty, Bedlam, and Being Human. The same year, she appeared in a music video, Love Bites for The Midnight Beast. Not only this, she appeared in short films Vargulf, Insoma, Counting Backwards, and Dreg. Also, she was featured in Reign, The Hive, Finding Carter, and The Dovekeepers.

While in 2017, Kathryn Prescott was featured in the films Fun Mom Dinner, To the Bone, and Polaroid.  Same year, Kathryn Prescott she had a recurring role in the Tv show 24: Legacy. Also, she got to a made guest appearance in three episodes of The Son in 2017.

Who Is Kathryn Prescott

Kathryn Prescott is a 30 years old British TV actress born on June 4, 1991, in London, England. Her birth sign is Gemini. She has a height of 5-foot 01/4 or 1.53 meters tall with a weight of 46 kg.

Kathryn Prescott is a piercing lover, as well as Kathryn Prescott has in total of 14 piercings on her body. To be precise, four in the right ear, six in the left, ear and rest on the tongue and belly button.

She completed her higher studies at Palmers Green High School and attended a college to study Psychology. Before making acting as a career, she went to Mount view Academy of Theater Arts in London.

Kathryn Prescott, who, aside from being an actress, also is a professional photographer. And she showcased her skills in an exhibition, ‘What Makes Us Care,’ held in London in 2013.

Who Are Her Siblings?

She grew up in Palmers Green, London, with her family and siblings. Twin sister Megan Prescott who an actor and bodybuilder. Whereas her younger brother Ben Prescott, an Illustrator.

Megan Prescott six minutes older twin sister Kathryn Prescott revealed that she is not strictly a vegetarian. However, she is very conscious of what meat she consumes. She is the eldest child of her parents as she was born 6 minutes before her twin sister.

She made an entry into the entertainment industry in 2008 through the TV show Doctors, where she appears as Amy Wilcox along with twin sister Megan. 

Who Is Her Twin Sister?

Kathryn Prescott’s twin sister is Megan Prescott, who is 6 minutes younger than Kathryn. Megan is also a TV actress as well as a bodybuilder. As a professional bodybuilder, Megan competed in British Finals for UK Bodybuilder and Fitness Federation. As a child, she took acting classes weekly. From Palmers Green High School, she studies television production in college. 

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A lesser-known fact is that, like her 6 minutes older sister Kathryn Prescott, Megan Prescott is also good at playing drums.

She made her TV debut in 2008 in a BBC soap Doctor along with her twin sister Kathryn for a single episode. However, later Megan Prescott found her passion in bodybuilding. So, she dedicated herself to bodybuilding and also participated in a bodybuilding competition.

Is Kathryn Prescott In A Relationship? 

Kathryn Prescott, who is hospitalized at the moment, is single. Her first relationship was with Oli, her first boyfriend, but she hasn’t confessed anything about dating Oli to date. Oli was the only relationship she had been and known. Also, Kathryn was never engaged to anyone before. Kathryn Prescott and Oli met on the set of Skins.

Kathryn Prescott is a very private person. Her romantic life is very secretive as well. However, her chemistry with her Skins co-star Naomi Campbell was once the talk of the town. Because of this, Kathryn Prescott has to respond to fan’s questions regarding homosexuality. On Kathryn Prescott’s official website, she announced that she would not prefer to label herself regarding her sexuality. And that labels are for cans.