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Who Is Adele’s Son Angelo Adkins? Know About His Parents & Wiki

Angelo Adkins with Adele

Angelo Adkins is a celebrity kid who is best known as the first son of singing sensation Adele. Recently Adele has dedicated her new album to her son Angelo Adkins. Angelo Adkins’ parents were divorced in 2019. However, both his mother and father agreed to co-parents him. 

Adele Give Rare Update On Son

Adele just released her new album and pre-released one of the songs, “Easy on Me,” on 15 October 2021. In which, she expressed about her divorce and dedicated the album to her son Angelo Adkins.

She interviewed Vogue about her album, where she opened up and gave updates on her son Angelo Adkins. She shared about the divorce effect on him and his understanding of Adele’s fame.

Adele said,

“He said to my face, Can you see me? And I was like, Uh, yeah. And he was like, Cause I can’t see you. Well, my whole life fell apart at that moment. He knew I wasn’t there.”

After this incident, she engaged him about what was happening in her life. She even wrote a song the next day inspired by the conversation.

Adele further added,

“He has so many simple questions for me that I can’t answer because I don’t know the answer,”

Adele continued with her son.

“Like, Why can’t we still live together? That’s just not what people do when they get divorced. But why not? I’m like, I don’t f***ing know. That’s not what society does. And: Why don’t you love my dad anymore? And I’d be like, I do love your dad. I’m just not in love. I can’t make that make sense to a nine-year-old.”

 Adele shared that since Angelo is a fan of Tylor Swift, she took him to one of her concerts, and seeing the crowd, his jaw dropped. Seeing that, Adele got a little annoyed, after all, that’s what she does as well. “He said, When we go on tour, should I have a seat next to me with Taylor Swift’s name on it for Taylor to come?

When Angelo was five years old, Adele was on her 2017 tour when Angelo got chased by a few senior school girls asking around if his mother was Adele which made him feel bullied and annoyed. Later, Adele explained to little Angelo that it was not bullying and asked him to say yes, that Adele is my mom. She wiped my a**.

Also, Adele wants to make sure that Angelo Adkins knows of his privilege and works hard to earn his way through life.

Who Is Angelo Adkins? Age, & Wiki

Angelo Adkins is the first child of pop star Adele and her boyfriend, Simon Konecki. Eight-year-old Angelo Adkins’ birth was kept secret by Adele and Simon Konecki for years after he was born. Angelo Adkins was born on 19 October 2012, with England as his birthplace. Meanwhile, his zodiac sign is Libra.

He was born while his parents Adele and Simon, were still dating. Adele and Simon Konecki welcomed Angelo Adkins after a year of dating. And after giving birth to Angelo, Adele and her boyfriend Simon Konecki tied the knot in May 2016.

Unfortunately, Angelo’s parents were not able to keep their marriage for too long. As, in September 2019, Adele and Simon Konecki filed for a divorce and finalized in 2020. 

 Adele requested joint and physical custody as she didn’t want to change things for her son Angelo Adkins. As well, ex-couple asked for privacy regarding further details of Angelo’s custody.

Also, Adele will not be paying spousal support after deciding to ‘wave the right to seek or obtain any spousal support from the other party. 

However, Adele and Simon Konecki are determined to raise their son together with love and care. For that, both Angelo Adkins’ parents reside in Beverly Hills.

Despite being a global singing sensation, Adele wants to keep her son Angelo Adkins grounded as possible.

In an interview with Time in 2015, Adele shared,

“I’m very self-conscious that I have a kid, and I don’t want him to be one of those who grew up being like ‘Driver, driver! I have no clean clothes!’ Well, have you washed them? I really don’t want him growing up like that. I’m very conscious of it.”

Eight years old Angelo Adkins shares his dream to be a YouTuber with his mom Adele. Adele shares this piece of information in an interview with Vogue.

Who Are Angelo Adkins’ Parents?

As previously mentioned, Angelo Adkins is the son of Adele and her ex-husband Simon Konecki. Adele is a pop singer and a global singing sensation. Thirty-three-year-old Adele became a mainstream success at the age of nineteen when she released the four-times Platinum-selling album “19,” and even won the Grammy award for Best New Artist in 2009.

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Other than that, Adele also has won a Golden Globe Award for “Skyfall.” Which also became the theme of the twenty-third James Bond film of the same name.

In 2012, Adele and Beyoncé Knowles became tied for winning the most Grammy Awards in one night.

On the other hand, Angelo Adkins’ father, Simon Konecki, does not belong to the entertainment industry. Rather 47 years old Englishman is a business executive. Simon Konecki is CEO of the charity Drop4Drop.

Previously, Simon Konecki was an investment banker. And he wanted to contribute to the world, so he left his banking job.