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Who Is Jackson Robert Scott? Explore About His Net Worth, & Family

Jackson Robert Scott

Jackson Robert Scott is an American child actor who is best known for playing the role of Georgie Deenbrough in It (2017), It Chapter Two (2019), and Bode Locke in the Netflix series Locke & Key (2012)_. Besides that, he is also a big-time fan of horror movies. He is learning multiple languages and can speak Mandarin Chinese.

Who Is Jackson Robert Scott?

Jackson Robert Scott is 13 years old child actor born on 18 September 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona, with the zodiac sign Virgo.

Jackson Robert Scott is pursuing his education as a school student. Before Jackson got his breakthrough in his acting career, he played little league baseball. 

Concerning her physical measurement, 13 years old child actor Jackson stands at the height of 4 ft 6 in and weighs around 38 kg (83.77 lbs). 

Jackson Robert Scott definitely does not want to limit his skill to acting. Hence, he is learning multiple languages as well and loves to read especially love stories. Recently, Jackson Robert Scott has adopted an adorable puppy as himself.

Is Jackson Robert Scott Active On Social Media?

Jackson Robert Scott is quite active on Instagram and he shared a post on 14 September 2021 on his Instagram account @jacksonrobertscottofficial.

In the post, Jackson Robert Scott multiple photos with the caption,

“Atlantic Adventures with my mom 🥰 #lunenburgoceanadventures”.

Jackson Robert Scott’s Instagram account has 1 million followers while he is following 288. And to date, Jackson Robert Scott has posted 178 posts. Jackson Robert Scott is also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Who Are Jackson Robert Scott’s Family?

Jackson Robert Scott’s parents are Dan Scott and Robin Clutter Scott. He got Caucasian ethnicity from his parents. His father, Dan Scott, and mother, Robin Clutter Scott, family include one more member who made Jackson Robert Scott an older brother.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Addison Kathleen Scott (@addisonkathleenscottofficial)

A sister named Addison Scott, whom he adores a lot with whom he grew up and lived in Phoenix, Arizona. Likewise, Jackson Robert Scott, his sister, also has an Instagram account @addisonkathleenscottofficial

In Addison Scott’s account, she has mentioned in her bio, “My 1st Instagram Pg! I’m 11 yrs. old. Jackson’s my brother. I ❤️ our puppy Goldie, soccer, singing, art, acting, my friends & family. 🥰 Managed by Mom”.

And Addison Scott has 5,617 followers, whereas she is following 44. And she has posted ten posts. In most of her posts, Jackson Robert Scott could be frequently spotted.

What Is Jack Robert Scott Net Worth?

Well, this adorable little actor Jackson Robert Scott has many hidden talents and businesses. Interestingly, one of Jackson Robert Scott’s sources of income is his website

On this website of Jackson Robert Scott, he sells merchandise like T-shirts, hoodies, Netflix series Locke & Key inspired keys, signed candles,s and many more.

Jackson Robert Scott’s net worth is revealed to be $300 thousand, and his estimated salary is approximately $15-20k per episode.

When Did He Start His Career?

Prominent child star Jackson Robert Scott is still very young still, he manages to grab the spotlight and a reputation for himself. And surely, he will go a long way.

Looking at Jackson Robert Scott’s career journey, he was in the industry way ahead of his breakthrough role as Georgie in the remake of Stephen King’s “It” in 2017.

In fact, in 2015, Jackson Robert Scott debuted as the guest star in the hit CBS TV series “Criminal Minds” and was also featured in AMC’s sci-fi horror “Fear the Walking Dead” in the same year.

Jackson Robert Scott is the star of the Netflix series Locke & Key. In the series, Jackson Robert Scott plays the role of Bode Locke. Though, this is not Jackson Robert Scott’s first recognized role. If you remember the horror genre “It,” you are familiar with the famous bright yellow raincoat.

Yes, Jackson Robert Scott is that kid who was frequently spotted in “It” in that yellow raincoat as Georgie in 2017.

Though 13 years old actor Jackson Robert Scott is adorable, he’s got a steely side beneath that cuteness. After all, in all “It” scenes, his favorite scene is when his arm is ripped off. 

In 2019, Jackson Robert Scott was featured in the horror genre “The Prodigy.” It’s an Orion Pictures/MGM Nicholas McCarthy thriller alongside Taylor Schilling. 

Jackson Robert Scott was the only original cast when Netflix acquired the rights to Locke & Key. Well, Jackson Robert Scott’s acting skills are not only reserved for the horror genre, so he acted in “Skin,” an Oscar-winning short film for Best Short Film in 2018.