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Who Is Koko Stambuk? Is Koko Married To Maite Perroni? Insights His Net Worth

Koko Stambuk

Koko Stambuk is a Chilean singer, songwriter, and producer. While he has product number of artists, one of them is Maite Perroni. He is best known as the singer of the band Glup! a producer who has produced artists like Kudai, Luis Fonsi, Reik, Denise Rosenthal, and Maite Perroni. Koko was actively involved in the creation of the first virtual band Frijoles. Well, he created this band along with Luis Tata Bigorra and Chico Claudio.

Who Is Koko Stambuk?

Koko Stambuk is 44 years old well-recognized singer and songwriter. Osorno, Chile, is Koko’s birthplace. He was born on 16 March 1977 with a zodiac sign in Pisces. Well, singer birth name is Cristian Daniel Stambuk Sandoval. However, he goes by his stage name Koko. 

Unfortunately, there are no verified details on the physical status of Koko.

Is Koko Stambuk Still Married?

According to whosdatedwho Koko Stambuk is currently single. 

While looking at relation history, Koko’s two relations are publicly known. He dated Luciana Echeverria in 2009 and started dating Maite Perroni in 2013 and married Maite Perroni in 2016.

He was romantically involved with actress Luciana Echeverria for a long time. However, the relation could not last forever, and they broke up. 

After breaking up with Luciana Echeverria, Koko found love again in singer Maite Perroni who is a 38 years old Mexican TV actress born in Mexico City, Mexico. Along being an actress, Maite is a singer too.

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Koko Stambuk and Maite Perroni were professional linked as well. As, Koko was music producer of Miate Perroni. They both worked together for her solo debut album “Eclipse de Luna.” Later, Koko also produced and directed her music video “Vas a Querer Volver.” Also, Koko and Maite have sung a song together named “Ojos Divinos” for her solo album “Eclipse De Luna.”

Though they started dating back in 2013, the relationship was kept away from the public until 2014. Their relationship was made public during a red carpet, even when Koko accompanied Maitew.

What Is Koko Stambuk’s Net Worth?

Chilean singer-songwriter Koko Stambuk has an estimated net worth of around $250,000 from his singing career. In contrast, Koko Stambuk’s wife Maite Perroni has an estimated net worth of approximately $6 million.

According to, the average singer-songwriter salary in Chile is $21.355.428 annually or an equivalent hourly rate of $10.267.

When Did Koko Stambuk Start His Career As Singer?

Koko Stambuk started his journey when he was only 19 years old in 1996, where Koko was a lead singer and songwriter. He moved to Santiago de Chile to pursue his dream. Before becoming the lead singer and songwriter, he works with bands such as Sien, Merlin, and Carlos Cabezas.

From 1999 to 2003, Gulp! released three albums, which were a considerable success. After the spill of Gulp!, he worked along with Cristian Heyne and formed other pop groups. Such as Supernova and Stereo3.

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Afterwards, Koko worked with Amango, Denise Rosenthal, CRZ, Six Pack, and Kudai. He was successful in becoming a top-of-the-list rock/punk producer. Well, Koko’s involvement with bands Gufi and Tronic contributed a lot to it. 

In 2009, he started his solo career with the release of “Valiente.” “Valiente” is a techno-pop album which is benefited from heavy radio and TV rotation.

Singer, songwriter, director, actor, and producer Koko Stambuk has 3 nominations for the Latin Grammys and 2 times winner of the Ascap awards in Los Angeles, C.A. Also, Koko Stambuk is a multiple gold and platinum records winner.

To date, Koko Stambuk has directed more than 30 music video clips. As well as several commercials with several brands. Koko Stambuk have also produce and directed the film “Doblemente Embarazada“.