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Who Is Gabriel Plotkin’s Wife Yaara Bank-Plotkin? Wikipedia, Married, Husband, Daughter, & Net Worth

Yaara Bank Plotkin

Yaara Bank Plotkin is a celebrity spouse of the hedge fund manager, Chief Investment Officer Gabriel Plotkin, best known for running Melvin Capital Management. There were several rumors about the divorce of Yaara and Gabriel, but neither of them has confirmed or denied those speculations. 

Yaara is active on Facebook only, where her last post was in Feb 2019. She is not active on Instagram or Twitter.

Who Is Yaara Bank-Plotkin? Wikipedia Details

Yaara Bank Plotkin has not revealed her exact birth date and birthplace to the media yet. However, she seemed to be in her late 30s, around 36-39, and was born in the mid-1980s. She holds American nationality and currently resides in the United States.

She appears to have an average height of 5 feet 5 inches approximately and moderate weight.

As for her educational background, she went to New York University and got her bachelor’s in Journalism.

Who Are Yaara Bank-PlBank-Plotkin’ss?

Yaara Bank-Plotkin took birth in an Israeli family and was raised with great care and love in Queens, New York. She had shared that everyone in her family was in the Israeli Army.

She has not shared her parents’ identities and has not talked about her siblings. So it is unsure if they exist or not.

Is Yaara Bank-Platkin Married?

Yaara Bank-Plotkin married her husband, Gabriel Plotkin, the CEO  and founder of Melvin Capital, in 2006. He has also worked as a portfolio manager and has experience with SAC Capital and North Sound Capital.


Yaara and her husband have been together for about 15 years as of 2021. They have made themselves a beautiful family with their son and a daughter. Yaara is a gorgeous and caring mother to their children.

However, Yaara and her husband are caught up in divorce rumors, and it was reported that Yaara was the one who filed for divorce after her husband lost a huge sum when GameStoGameStop’sprices rose.

What Does Yaara Bank-Plotkin Do For A Living?

Yaara Bank-Plotkin has volunteered at Belev Echad, where wounded Israeli Defense Force Soldiers and victims of terror are provided care and helped. She had also shared that she invited 10 male soldiers to her apartment for breakfast to appreciate their devotion and protection.

Her husband, Gabriel Plotkin, has been the CEO and founder of Melvin Capital since 2014, and his company was on the Forbes list of top 20 The Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers. He is a graduate of Northwestern University in 2001 with an Economics degree, and he has also worked for a Connecticut-based company, North Sound Capital and SAC Capital.

What Is Yaara Bank-PlBank-Plotkin’srth?

Yaara Bank Plotkin has an estimated net worth of around $1 million- $5 million approximately. Meanwhile, her husband has an estimated net worth of $400 million. He earns his decent sum as an American hedge fund manager and founder of Melvin Capital.