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Who Is Uvalde School Gunman Salvador Ramos? Wikipedia Details & Reason Behind Shootout

Salvador Ramos Wikipedia

Salvador Ramos, a suspected cold-blooded killer, has killed at least 19 children and two adults in a shooting at Robb Elementary School. The shoot-out took place in Uvalde, Texas, which is 83 miles away from San Antonio. It’s the deadliest school shooting in Texan history. 

All children who died are students in the second, third and fourth grades

Salvador entered school with a handgun and a rifle after abandoning his vehicle. He was in body armor during his attack.

Even president Joe Biden spoke to the media, saying he was sick and tired of these massacres.

He also died at the scene. Three days before the incident, Salvador posted the image of two rifles on his Instagram Story. He had posted multiple images with arms and ammunition on his social media handles. His Instagram has been deleted.


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He bought the guns online just after his 18th birthday.

Prior to this incident, Salvador may have shot his grandmother, who is hospitalized in critical condition.

Who Is Salvador Ramos? Wikipedia Details

Salvador Ramos is the gunman involved in the Uvalde school shooting. He was born on 16 May 2004, making him 18 years old last week. He lived in a community about 85 miles (135 kilometers) west of San Antonio.

Eighteen years old shooter might be an immigrant belonging to the Hispanic group.

Salvador went to Uvalde High School. However, he eventually dropped out after his friends teased him for his dress and his family’s financial condition.

How hard try, but his father and mother kept them out of the media’s sight, and his parents’ identities are not known.

He is a teenager with a height of around 5 feet and 8 inches. He worked in the local Wendy’s for around a year before quitting a month prior to the incident.

Why Did Salvador Ramos Attack The School?

The reason behind the shoot-out went along with the death of Salvador. Frustration may be the reason, as friends in his school teased him for his dress and financial condition. However, why Robb Elementary School is a mystery as he never studied in that school.