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Who Is Rebekah Koffler? Wikipedia, Net Worth, Parents, Kids, Husband, & Facial Surgery

Rebekah Koffler Wikipedia

Rebekah Koffler came to the USA as an immigrant, and through all ups and down, she has been able to live her American Dream. Let’s explore her journey, childhood, parents, and many more.

She is active on Twitter which has 3200 followers.

Who Is Rebekah Koffler? Wikipedia Details

Rebekah Koffler is the Russia-born Ex- DIA Intel Agent. She was born on 15 June 1965. The 56-years-old Author was raised in the Soviet Union of then. Currently, she lives in the USA, where she came as a young woman.

She came to America almost 31 years ago. She got her graduate degree from The Institute of World Politics.

Rebekah went to Moscow Pedagogical University and earned her MA in International Transactions from George Mason University In Virginia.

She has an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Who Are Rebekah Koffler’s Parents?

Her parents were Russian Nationals. There isn’t much information about her parents. She spends much of her childhood in Russia with her parents.

Her parents always protected her from brainwashing in school in Russia. According to Rebekah, her family wasn’t poor as per Russian Standard. However, her mother had to steal food from the meat factory, where she worked in order to feed her family.

Who Is Rebekah Koffler Married To?

Rebekah Koffler married a journalist husband, Keith Koffler. She resides near Washington DC with her husband and children.

The name of her two children is Adam (son) and Ariela (daughter).

Her husband is the senior editor for Fox News Digital. He was born to parents Dr. Sandra Koffler( mother) and Dr. David Koffler (father).

What Does Rebekah Koffler Do?

Rebekah Koffler has a long list of work experiences. Currently, she is working for The Lindsey Group as a Strategic Intelligence Analyst. Here, Rebekah focuses on the impacts of global geopolitics changes in markets.

Prior to that, she had worked with DIA for more than eight years as a Senior Intelligence Analyst for Russian Doctrine and Strategy. She joined DIA after 9/11.

Rebekah is also a columnist. Her work has been featured in various magazines like The Washington Post, The Daily Caller, Fox News, and many more.

She is also an author of a book titled “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America.”

How Much Is Rebekah Koffler’s Net Worth?

Rebekah Koffler has earned a good living from her career as a senior editor and ex-DIA agent. Her estimated net worth is $500,000. However, her net worth can be even more as her exact net worth hasn’t been revealed.

Did Rebekah Koffler Have A Face Surgery?

Looking at her facial structure, fans drew the conclusion that Rebekah had facial surgery. However, there isn’t any valid information about it. Rebekah has also denied about having facial surgery.

So the story about her facial surgery is still in the dark.