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Why Did Michelle Lodzinski Murdered Her Own Son? Wikipedia, Parents, Boyfriend, Married, Husband, & Net Worth

Michelle Lodzinski

One of Central Jersey’s most famous murder cases is currently in the highlights on 29 April 2022, when NBC’s Dateline will investigate the case of Michelle Lodzinski, who has murdered her five-year-old son, Timothy Wiltsey, in 1991.

When her late son’s body was found, when Rozinski and her mother saw the blue and white blanket. The police decided to show the blanket to one of Timothy’s old nannies and Michelle’s niece in 2014.

Both of them, recognized as the blanket, belong to Timothy. Lozinski was charged with murder in August 2014. Michelle was convicted on 18 May 2016 and sentenced to 30 years in prison on 5 January 2017.

She was sentenced to prison at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Hunterdon County, followed by her 2016 murder conviction in her son’s death. Initially, Michelle didn’t testify during the nearly three-month trial and has denied any involvement in her son’s murder.

Where Is Michelle Lodzinski Now?

Michelle Lodzinski is currently out of jail after serving nearly six years for the murder charge of her five-year-old son, Timothy Wiltsey, in 1991.

In December 2021, Michelle was released from prison after the New Jersey Supreme Court vacated her 2016 murder conviction in her son’s death. This case is better known as one of Middlesex County’s most extended unsolved cases.

Before Michelle was sentenced for her son’s murder, Packard wrote a letter to the court about her and Timothy’s secret after realizing their rooms shared a wall they would have each knock-on.

On the night of the murder, Timothy went missing, Packard, a kindergarten classmate, stayed awake in bed and worried for her friend. On a missing day, Timothy wore a tank top, shorts, socks, and Teenage Mutant Turtle sneakers was reported missing from a Memorial Day weekend carnival in Sayreville.

When Does Michelle Lodzinski’s Son Death Body Found?

In October 1991, the Timothy’s missing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sneakers were found in a marshy area in Edison’s Raritan Center, near where Michelle had once worked.

After six months, in April 1992, his dead body of Timothy was found. The skull and fragments of bones from his jaw, arms, and legs were found in Raritan Center.

Who Is Michelle Lodzinski? Wikipedia Details

Michelle Lodzinski is an American prisoner who murdered her five-year-old son, Timothy Wiltsey, on 25 May 1991. She is better known as the mother of late Timothy Wiltsey.

She was born in 1968 in New Jersey, the United States of America. Her exact birth date is unknown, although Michelle is already 53-years-old.

Michelle spent most of her childhood days in New Jersey with her parents. Her father’s name is Edward Lodzinski Sr, and her mother’s name is Alice Lodzinski.

She grew up with her siblings, namely Linda Hisey (sister), Edward Lodzinski (brother), and Michael Lodzinski (brother).

Her height is 5 feet 6 inches or 1.67 m tall, and she weighs around 81 kg or 178 lbs.

Is Michelle Lodzinski Married?

Yes, Michelle Lodzinski is a married woman. She got married to her boyfriend turned husband, George Wiltsey.

There is no information about when the couple got married. She never spoke about her relationship details with her husband.

The couple has three children at once, but now two. Her other two children’s names are Daniel Lodzinski and Benjamin Lodzinski.

How Much Is Michelle Lodzinski’s Net Worth?

Michelle Lodzinski’s professional life is unknown. However, other media said she is a political scientist and has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand.