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Who Is Laura Ackerson? Who Killed Her? Wikipedia, Parents, Kids & Boyfriend

Laura Ackerson Wikipedia

Who is Laura Ackerson? Who Killed her, and where are they now? Please find out about her Wikipedia, parents, kids, boyfriend, height, age, and many more…

Laura Ackerson was a murder victim where her ex-boyfriend and his wife killed her. She went missing and was found dead after a few days. People have seen stories about her, but significantly fewer people have an idea who she is as she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. So, let’s find out about her murder and who she is.

Who Is Laura Ackerson? Wikipedia Details

Laura Ackerson was a victim of murder where her ex-boyfriend and his wife were involved. Laura Ackerson celebrated her birthday on 30 April every year till 2011. She was born in 1984. Laura Ackerson was 27 years old when she died in 2011. As she was born in Hastings, Michigan, making her an American national. Her full name is Laura Jean Ackerson.

Laura went to Kirkwood and JY Monk Real Estate School for her education. Ackerson had a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

Who Are Laura Ackerson’s Parents? Family Details

Laura Ackerson’s parents raised her with love in Hastings, Michigan. Her mother’s name is Brenda Ackerson, and her father’s name is Rodger Ackerson. Laura Ackerson’s kids currently live with Laura’s parents.

She was living in Kinston, North Carolina, with her children and doing graphic designing business at the time she died.

Was Laura Ackerson Dating Someone?

Laura Ackerson was a single mother at the time she was killed. She was the mother of two sons, Grant Ruffian Hayes IV, born on 2 May 2008, and Gentle Reign Hayes on 3 August 2009, with ex-boyfriend Grant Hayes III.

Laura and Grant had a violent relationship, and he used to abuse her physically. With ups and downs, Grant married another girl in 2010. Laura fought for the custody of her sons and got weekend visitation.

Who Killed Laura Ackerson? Where Are They Now?

Grant Ruffin Hayes and his wife, Amanda Perry Hayes, killed Laura Ackerson on 13 July 2011. Laura disappeared for 11 days, and her dismembered body was found after 11 days 60 miles away from Houston, Texas.

Prior to disappearing, Grant asked if Laura would come to meet her children on weekdays. Laura accepted and went to visit her kids. During the visitation, Grant and Amanda killed her.

After Laura’s death, the couple dismembered her body with a power saw and kept the parts in the ice chest. After that, they dumped Laura’s body part into a creek, hoping alligators would eat it.

However, after the remaining of the dismembered body was found, Grant and Amanda were charged with Laura’s murder. Currently, Grant and Amanda are in jail as the court convicted them of first-degree murder and second-degree murder.