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‘Uncensored’ Actress Kym Whitley Once Mistook Marlon Wayans’ Penis For A Small Bat

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Actress and comedian Kym Whitley is featuring in TV One’s original, autobiographical series ‘UNCENSORED.’

In the hit autobiographical series, audiences get to know their favorite personalities. It provides a platform for public characters to share their careers first-hand accounts of their success and obstacles throughout their journey.

Kym Whitley will be featured on the Sunday episode of the ‘UNCENSORED,’ which aired on 19 September 2021, at 10 PM ET/9C.

She is always in the front row about dishing herself and her relationship.

Kym Whitley shared some gossip about ‘White Chicks’ Marlon Wayans’ penis. It confirmed that the rumors about Marlon Wayans’ penis are confirmed as she shared her experience to misconstrue Marlon Wayans’ goods for a small bat. When she first caught a glimpse she got distracted from her work while filming with Marlon Wayans.

Actress shared that the incident took place in 1998. While she was guest-starred on the WB sitcom ‘The Wayans Bros.,’ Marlon Wayans wore sweatpants that showed a distinctly visible outline. To which Kym Whitley thought as a prank on her. As for her, it was distractive, and she had a thought that Marlon Wayans had a small bat in his red sweatpants. 

So Kym Whitley turned to the crew and said,

‘You see this? He is so silly’.

In response, nobody reacted and spoke. ‘Oh, she seen it, she said. That confirmed to her that it was indeed Marlon Wayans natural penis, not a bat.

Other than that, Kym Whitley also went on memory lane of late singer Gerald Levert. She shares in-depth her love affair with the late singer.

Kym shared that she had known Gerald Levert since her childhood and attended the same school too. She explores the memory where late singer Gerald Levert promised her to get married when they turn 50.

However, 4o years old was found dead in his Cleveland, Ohio home. His death was declared accidental, as a tragic incident happened after consuming a fatal combination of prescribed medications. 

Not only this, but Kym Whitley also shares that she and Gerald Levert had an off relation. Late singer Gerald is famous as a Casanova singer. And even actress Mo’Nique asked for Kym Whitley’s blessing to date his long-time lover, Gerald Levert. Interestingly, Kym Whitley gave her green light.