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‘Storage Wars’ Star Jarrod Schulz Arrested For Domestic Violence Charge

Jarrod Schulz, star of Storage Wars, is arrested on charged with Domestic Violence against Brandi Passante. is the first media on covering the controversies between that two ex-couple. On 30 April 2021, Brandi was hanging with her friends at a bar in Orange County when Jarrod Schulz showed up.

A rough argument had occurred between these two ex-couple when Brandi told him to leave, but unfortunately, he did not, and things turned for the worse. As per, Jarrod allegedly pushed her twice while yelling at her and her friends.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante (©: The Wrap)

Police were called to the bar and filed a report against him. At the time before they arrived, Jarrod had already left the bar. After a few days, police arrested Jarrod.

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A spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that Jarrod Schulz had been charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge for allegedly attacking his ex Brandi Passante.

Later, Storage Wars star Jarrod denied claims of putting hands on her but still facing a domestic violence charge.

The ex-couple met each other in 1999. Jarrod was working as the sales manager when Brandi came to work at the carpet cleaning company. Since then, they knew each other and started dating from there. The ex-couple shared two children together.