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Who Is Gabbi Doolin? Wiki, & Cause Of Death

Gabbi Doolin Wikipedia

Gabbi Doolin was a sweet and bright American girl who dreamt of being a cheerleader to support her brother in the Cowboy’s football team. However, Gabbi lost her life tragically after getting raped and murdered by Timothy Wayne Madden.

Who Was Gabbi Doolin? Wiki Details

Gabbi Doolin was a 7-year-old American girl who was brutally raped and murdered by then a 38-year-old man named Timothy Wayne Madden in November 2015.

Gabbi was born to her parents on 26 December 2007, and she passed away on 14 November 2015 at the age of 8. According to her birthdate, she had Capricorn as her birth sign and celebrated his seventh birthday with friends and family. Furthermore, her birthplace was in Glasgow, Kentucky, and she held American nationality. Likewise, she belongs to the white ethnicity and followed the Christian religion. 

In addition to her physical features, Gabbi used to stand at a decent height and had average weight for her body. Unfortunately, there are no accurate details about her education. However, she was reported as a second-grader at Allen County Primary Center in November 2015.

Meanwhile, her parents thought Gabbi went to the game with the cheerleading squad on 14 November 2015 at the Allen County-Scottsville High School.

Who Were Gabbi Doolin’s Parents?

Gabbi Doolin was born to her parents, Brian Doolin and Amy Doolin, who gave her great love and support. Her parents named her full name, Gabriella Corrine Gabbi Doolin, and her mother, Amy, described Gabbi as a sweet and loving child who loved bright colors.

In addition, her parents raised her and her brother, Alec. Her brother, Alec, got selected for the Cowboy’s football team, and Gabbi wanted to be a cheerleader to support Alec. 

Cause of Death

On the day of the incident, Gabbi Doolin’s mother called 911 to report her missing daughter at around 7:40 PM after having her name announced on the public announcement system several times. Gabbi’s friends came to her mother, Amy, and said that Gabbi needed to find them during their hide-and-seek game, but Gabbi never came.

Later, the police arrived and found Gabbi’s body at around 8:10 PM in a creek in a wooded area behind the football stadium. Gabbi’s partially clothed body was lying face down the stream with a missing boot about 20 feet away.

After some investigation and autopsy reports, the cause of death of Gabbi was due to manual strangulation and drowning. She was also reported to be brutally raped and sodomized. The evidence includes blood smeared leaf and other biological traces at the scene.

The detectives eventually found a 38-year-old man, Timothy Wayne Madden as a prime suspect and collected his clothing and DNA samples from the Scottsville resident. Six days later, Timothy was found guilty of the rape and murder of a 7-year-old, Gabbi, when the blood and DNA samples on his underwear matched.

Timothy was charged with murder, kidnapping, first-degree rape, and first-degree sodomy after Gabbi’s last rites were performed. Timothy evaded the death penalty due to an Alford plea deal and was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole in 2019.

Currently, Timothy Wayne Madden has been serving his sentence at the Northpoint Training Centre near Danville, Kentucky.

FAQs of Gabbi Doolin

Gabbi Doolin’s Bio

She was a sweet and bright American girl who was brutally raped and murdered by a 38-year-old man.

Gabbi Doolin’s Age

As of 2015, she was eight years old.

Gabbi Doolin’s Birthplace

Glasgow, Kentucky, United States

Gabbi Doolin’s Nationality


Gabbi Doolin’s Ethnicity


Gabbi Doolin’s Religion


Gabbi Doolin’s Height


Gabbi Doolin’s Weight


Gabbi Doolin’s Father & Mother

Her father’s name was Brian Doolin, and her mother’s name was Amy Doolin.

Gabbi Doolin’s Cause Of Death

She was brutally raped and murdered by a 38-year-old man, Timothy Wayne Madden.