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Who Is Eric Conn? Where Is He Now? Wikipedia Details, Wife, Parents, & Net Worth

Eric Conn Wikipedia

Due to the true-crime docuseries The Big Conn, Eric Conn came to the limelight after being caught four years ago. People are keen to know about who he is, what he did, and where he is now. To find out about him, please read the content below.

Who Is Eric Conn? Wikipedia Details

Eric Conn is the former US Army and a Lawyer. Moreover, he was a fugitive who vanished in 2017, cutting off his ankle monitor. He was born on 29 September 1960 in Kentucky.

Sixty-one years old former lawyer represented thousands of people seeking disability benefits since the mid-1990s before being caught in 2016.

He graduated from Morehead State University and attended Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law.

Eric has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches and weighs around 75kgs.

Who Are Eric Conn’s Parents?

Eric Conn’s parents raised him in Stanville, Kentucky. His parents gave him a trailer which he made his office and parked next to his mother’s house. His mother’s name is Pat “Patsy” Ruth Webb Conn.

However, the name of his father is unknown to the public.

Is Eric Conn Married? Daughter

It is not clear if he is married right now or not. However, in the past, he has been married and divorced more than ten times. Based on Pike County’s record, he has married young girls of 18-22 from various countries like Barbados, Columbia, and many more. His marriage lasted for as low as a few hours.

Eric has a daughter named Jordyn Conn from his then-wife, Lorie. After her parents’ divorce, Jordyn went to live with her mother in Harold, Kentucky.

Reportedly, Eric even dated internet adult moive star, Raven Riley. However, they broke up after Eric knew what Raven did for a living.

What Does Eric Conn Do?

Eric Conn opened his office in 1993 after service in the U.S. Army and ultimately began specializing in representing people seeking disability payments.

He was the owner of a multimillion-dollar legal practice representing people seeking federal disability checks in a poor place, only to see it crumble after admitting unprecedented fraud. His over-the-top efforts to promote himself as “Mr. Social Security” were the most visible example.

He hired attractive young women — “Conn hotties,” some called them — to wear short shorts and brightly colored T-shirts with his name on them at basketball games, concerts, and festivals, sometimes along with a life-size cardboard cutout of Conn.

His bright-yellow billboards sprouted across Eastern Kentucky like giant garish dandelions, and he advertised heavily on television, in newspapers, on telephone books, and through the internet. One ad used monkeys to represent Social Security employees.

Where Is Eric Conn Now?

Currently, Eric Conn is in jail in Ashland, serving his 27 years sentence. In March 2017, he pleaded guilty to stealing from Social Security and bribing David B. Daugherty, a former Social Security Judge.

However, he was able to escape the USA by cutting off his ankle monitor. FBI listed him on the most-wanted list and announced a reward of $20,000 leading to him.

Moreover, he is involved in the fraud of $550 million. 

In the end, the FBI caught him in Honduras after 6 months of escape and brought him back to the USA. Finally, he went to jail for 27 years. Additionally, Court decided that he had to pay $80 million to the government.

How Much Is Eric Conn’s Net Worth? House Details

Eric Conn had built a multimillion dollars empire before getting caught. He even had an estimated net worth of $100 million.

While he was out of jail, he had bought a $1.5 million house in Pikeville, which he paid in cash. He used to drive Rolls-Royce and wore expensive suits. He used to choose expensive destinations for his trips.