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‘Grease’ Actor Eddie Deezen Arrested After Disturbance At Maryland Restaurant & Harassing Waitress

Eddie Deezen arrested

Sixty-four-year-old ‘Grease’ actor Eddie Deezen is again in the headlines since he was busted on Thursday, 16 September 2021. After assaulting and creating a scene in the LaVale, Maryland. According to TMZ, Eddie Deezen allegedly went on a rampage and refused to leave. In response to that, police had to handcuffs and force the actor to leave the scene.

The incident took place in LaVale, Maryland, and the eatery started around lunchtime. Where Eddie Deezen was creating a scene and refused to leave when demanded. And threw plates, food, and other kinds of stuff at cops. 

Cops stated that Eddie Deezen refused several demands to exit and hide behind a woman sitting in a booth. When cops showed up. And started throwing everything in plates, bowls, and other items at the cops—that strike one of them. And to which cops had to handcuffs and forced him to leave.

TMZ reported that when Eddie Deezen was dragged out from a Maryland restaurant. Eddie Deezen was handcuffed and without a shirt. After the LaVale rampage, Eddie Deezen was charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and trespassing.

Whereas, a video from the Facebook account ‘Cumberland on Patrol’ has emerged. In the video, shirtless and handcuffed Eddie Deezen could be seen sitting on a bench. And could be heard saying,

‘Ow I could have been hurt’.

Interestingly, earlier this year, Eddie Deezen was reported for one more incident in a Maryland restaurant. Where a waitress Kara Lashbaugh accused that he was allegedly harassing her. And he was detailing his infatuation with her through Facebook.

Kara Lashbaugh shares on her Twitter that Eddie Deezen visits her workplace at least once a week. And ask other employees for her schedule. When he comes and she has no makeup, he would leave.

This happened after 64 years old actor Eddie Deezen in June declaimed a woman in his hometown Cumberland, Maryland, through Facebook. The post was deleted after Lara Lashbaugh accused Eddie Deezen of harassment.

However, TMZ has not yet been clear if these two restaurant incidents are related despite being held in Maryland.