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Who Is The American Fertility Doctor, Donald Cline? Where Is He Now? Wikipedia, Wife, Married, & Net Worth

Donald Cline

The terrifying True Story of ‘Our Father’ is now being retold through a new Netflix documentary film directed by Lucie Jourdan. The Netflix documentary film aired on 11 May 2022 on Wednesday.

Our Father’s documentary film tells the story of a leading fertility doctor, Donal Cline, who inserted his sperm into many of his female patients and fathered over 50 children.

Who Is Donald Cline? Wikipedia Details

Donald Cline is an American Indianapolis Fertility doctor and IVF doctor. Cline was also the top doctor of Indianapolis many times with his decades of experience and practice. He inseminated countless patients with his sperm without their knowledge or consent.

He came into the media for doing fraud with several patients. Donald also provides 100 per cent guaranteed results to his clients. But, his disbalance mind made him a victim of fraud when he did with many patients.

Donald used to insert his sperm into his client that came to him to get treatment related to fertility issues.

Donald Cline was born in 1937 in Indiana, the United States of America. His exact birthdate is unknown. However, he is already 84-years-old, and his nationality is American. He believes in Christianity religion and belongs to the white ethnic group.

The identity of his parents is unknown. He keeps his personal life a secret and doesn’t want to reveal it to the media. However, he spent his childhood days in Indiana with his family.

His height is 5 feet 11 inches or 1.8 m tall, and he weighs around 87 kg 191 lbs.

When Did Donald Cline Complete His Graduation?

Talking about Donald Cline’s educational background, he completed his graduation from Indian University. Likewise, he obtained M.D from IU’s Medical School. Later, Cline went for an internship at Methodist Hospital.

Where Is Donald Cline Now?

Donald Cline’s actual location is unknown. After his scandals came to the media, he tried to stay away from the media. Despite Donald’s shocking deceit, his fertility fraud is not classed as a crime under federal or state law in Indiana.

His victims have struggled to find adequate legal justice. In 2017, Donald was convicted on two felony counts of obstructing the criminal investigation into his actions. Afterwards, Donald Cline was handed a one-year suspended prison sentence.

Who Is Donald Cline Married Too?

Donald Cline got married to his girlfriend turned wife, Susie Cline. There is no information about when the couple got married. However, Donald might be married when he was in his teen.

Likewise, his wife, Susie Cline, also received gynaecological treatment from her husband. Moreover, the couple became the parents of two children, a son named Doug Cline and a daughter named Donna Cline.

His daughter, Donna Cline, worked with her father as a registered nurse at his clinic.

When Did Donald Cline Start His Career?

Shortly after completing his graduation, Donald Cline started to work in the US Air Force and served for them for nearly two years. Later in 1979, he opened his own Fertility Clinic, where he started doing fraud with his clients by inserting his sperms.

Moreover, Cline is best-recognized as the best laparoscopic surgery doctor in Indiana. He also represented himself as a keynote speaker at the International Symposium for Infertility in Bologna, Italy.

Later, he was caught by one of his patients, and his secret came out in the media. Donald also stated that he always used fresh sperm for treatment, but he used frozen samples.

How Much Is Donald Cline’s Net Worth?

Donald Cline has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand, which he earned a decent fortune from his professional career. Although, he has made this money doing his illegal work.