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Who Is An American Mobster, Dominic Taddeo? Wikipedia, Parents, Girlfriend, Married, & Net Worth

Dominic Taddeo

A notorious New York Mobster, Dominic Taddeo, who worked as a hitman for La Cosa Nostra, killed three people and tried to kill two more people in the 1980s but escaped from federal custody more petite than a year before he was set to be released.

Dominic had been imprisoned at a medium-security facility in Coleman, Florida. He was transferred to a residential halfway house near Orlando, as per Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesperson Scott Taylor, and he was scheduled to be released in February 2023.

On 28 March 2022, Dominic Taddeo failed to return from an authorized appointment and was placed on escape status, said by the Bureau of Prisons spokesperson, Scott Taylor, on Monday.

The Mobster pleaded guilty in January 1992 to racketeering charges that included the killings of three men during mob wars in the 1980s. In 1982 and 1983, Taddeo shot Nicholas Mastrodonato, Gerald Pelusio, and Dino Tortatice to death.

The late US District Judge, Michael A. Telesca, sentenced him to 24 years in prison in April 1992. He was to serve the 30 years consecutively, while Dominic was already doing for drug conspiracy, illegal weapons possession, and ball jumping.

Dominic also asked for a compassionate release, citing health issues and the coronavirus pandemic, but a judge refused him in 2020.

Facing federal firearms charges, Taddeo was released on bail in 1987. He then disappeared. Over the next two years, A contract killer, Dominic, used more than two dozen aliases while living across the East and Midwest. Later, in 1989, Taddeo was finally caught while trying to meet his brother in Cleveland.

Who Is Dominic Taddeo? Wikipedia Details

Dominic Taddeo is a famous American Mobster. He is an American hitman who killed three people and tried to kill two more people.

The contract killer was contracted to kill Thomas Marotta, a famous Mobster personality. In April 1983, Dominic fired off 11 shots from a .22-caliber, striking Thomas Marotta with six as he left an apartment in Irondequoit. However, Thomas survived at that time.

Again, Taddeo tried to kill him in November 1983, hitting Marotta with three of 10 shots. However, he was not able to kill him.

Dominic Taddeo was born in 1957 in New York, the United States of America, but his exact birth date is unknown. The Mobster has already completed his 64th birthday, and he believes in faith in Christianity religion.

His height is 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78 m tall, and he weighs around 80 kg or 176 lbs.

Who Are Dominic Taddeo’s Parents?

The identity of Dominic Taddeo’s parents is unknown. He hasn’t opened up his details to the public.

Being the contract killer, he tried to keep his information a secret and stay away from the public eyes.

Is Dominic Taddeo A Married?

There is no information available regarding Dominic Taddeo’s married life. He might be a husband of someone, or he might have a partner in his life.

Being a famous Mobster, he would have many girlfriends or friends in his personal life and spend quality time with them, but no information is found online.

What Does Dominic Taddeo Do For A Living? Net Worth

Dominic Taddeo is a professional contract killer. Contract killing is a form of murder in which one party hires another party to kill a targeted person, which has been associated with organized crime, government conspiracies, and dictatorships.

Contract killing is an illegal agreement for which they give money, jewellery, property, and others for their works.

Moreover, Dominic would have earned a massive fortune from his work. He has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand.