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Comedian Jim Breuer Cancels His Performance At The Royal Oak Music Theatre Show

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Jim Breuer has announced through his Facebook that he won’t perform at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. The performance was supposed to happen on 1 October 2021. Jim Breuer clarifies that the reason behind his decision is the new COVID-19 vaccination proof policy.

Under the new policy, all the participants, including audiences, performers, and crew members, need to show proof of vaccination. Only then they can attend the event. This new policy is implemented as there has been a surge in COVID-19 cases. As the Delta variants spread throughout the U.S., the policy will be fully implemented by 1 October 2021.

However, Jim Breuer believes that the new COVID-19 policy is segregating audiences. And they are forcing people to have a vaccine if they are willing to participant in these events. Hence, Jim Breuer expresses that he doesn’t believe in forcing people and segregating the audiences from entertainment. And decided not to attend any events and festivals that have the COVID-19 vaccination proof policy.

Jim Breuer shared that taking a vaccination should be free will rather than a force act. And that he doesn’t support the new COVID-19 vaccination policy. Meanwhile, the U.S. government takes this strict action to decrease COVID-19 cases, especially as the recent cases have identified the Delta variant, which is more contagious than the Alpha variant. 

On 10 September, Jim Breuer shared a video. He said that he wouldn’t support the system segregating people and forcing them to show up with vaccinations where they have to prove vaccinated. He is ready to lose the money but not prepared to be enslaved by the system. That restricts people from laughing and entertaining. In the video, he also shared that he and his entire family had suffered from COVID.

Other than Royal Oak Music Theatre, Jim Breuer has also canceled his performance at Wellmont Theater. Wellmont Theater is going to take place at Montclair, New Jersey. And also required the COVID-19 vaccination proof policy.

Whereas AEG Presents announced that all of its U.S. venues will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination. An announcement was made in August, and it includes the Royal Oak Music Theatre and festivals. 

Along with Jim Breuer, 76 years old rocker Eric Clapton has canceled his tour giving the same reason. These celebrities are ready to lose money but not prepared to be part of pandemic politics where guests are forced and bribed by venues into vaccination. Jim Breuer is against the pro-vax lawmakers and corporate ticketing vendors.

Whereas comedian Patton Oswalt, Bruce Springsteen, and the Foo Fighters canceled their shows. It states that they would not attend the shows that don’t respect their proof of vaccines or COVID negative test. Especially Florida and Utah, where vaccines are not required to participate in the show.