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Who Is Former Defense Lawyer Catherine Shelton? Why Was She Arrested? Wikipedia, Net Worth, Parents, & Husband

Catherine Shelton

Catherine Shelton is in the headline as journalist Jenna Jackson researched her and found the strange connection between Catherine and her former clients’ death.

She was found guilty of violating the law to use it to her benefit and dooming the lives of her past lovers.

Catherine Shelton got involved in a murder case when her rival, Marisa, accused her and her husband, Clint, of killing her spouse, Michael Hierro, in 1999. Clint was arrested with evidence, and Marisa still accused Catherine of being the one who gave a command to kill. However, Catherine filed a civil defamation case against her and won with USD 5M damages.

Catherine’s past boyfriend, the late George Tedesco, was found dead in his car garage in the 1970s. During their day of the divorce hearing, George was found dead with his head beaten up by a blunt object.

Catherine was involved in another case with a man called Ferris Bond. She used to visit his house, and he had confronted him about his missing things, but she threatened to kill him with a shotgun. However, Bond escaped the scandal by joining the US Marines.

Journalist Gary Taylor was also hurt during his time with Catherine Shelton. He claimed that Shelton shot him in the chest as he was trying to run out of the house after a quarrel. He was lucky to survive the incident, and Shelton was found guilty. She was sentenced to 20 years in jail, but it was suspended after she appealed.

Who Is Catherine Shelton? Wikipedia Details

Catherine Shelton is a former defense lawyer, and she is still practicing law to prove herself innocent in civil court. She was charged with killing her past lovers.

She was born and raised in Texas, the United States, and her date of birth is missing. So, her age, birth sign, and birthday details are missing.

Catherine is American-born, holds an American nationality and has a white ethnic background.

According to our research, She completed her law at the University of Houston. 

Who Are Catherine Shelton’s Parents?

Catherine Shelton was born to her parents in Mullin, Texas. She spent her childhood, and her parents raised her in her hometown. However, she kept her family name hidden from the media. There is not much information about them on the internet. As per our research, there is no data related to her siblings and family members.

Is Catherine Married? About Husband

Catherine Shelton was first married to Matt Quinlan, a Navy Officer, and she was also in a relationship with George Tedesco. 

Catherine Shelton is currently married to her husband, Clint Shelton. They first met when her husband worked in his family gun shop in Texas. She came to Clint’s shop for the first time to buy a gun, and they started seeing each other. 

After they got married, they moved to Dallas, Texas, and he helped her with the cases.

Her husband, Clint Shelton, was raised in Mullin, Texas. Catherine will be arising within 48 hours of the episode.

What Is Catherine Shelton’s Net Worth?

Catherine Shelton’s estimated net worth is unknown and unavailable. But, according to, the average salary of an attorney in the U.S is around $126,930. So, she may earn a healthy income as an Attorney.