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Ariana DeBose’s Glamorous Met Gala Look Come Together So Quickly


Ariana Debose wore designer Michael Kors’ fresh off-the-runway dress from spring collection 2022 for the Met Gala. All eyes are on the 2021 Met Gala at the moment, and it’s also so special for not only celebrities and designers but also fans. Because they get to see their idols in their best creative designs that either will became the talk of the town or meme of the year.

 This year is even more special as only limited stars are invited. And Ariana Debose is one of those names that got invitation from the Met Gala. At the same time, it’s Ariana’s very first time in the Met Gala.

Actress Ariana Debose collaborated with well-known American designer Michael Kors for her Met Gala dress. Ariana Debose stylists Zadrian and Sarah shared the details from Ariana getting the invitation to her Met Gala coming alive.

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It all started with Ariana Debose performing at the Michael Kors spring/summer fashion show on Friday, where Ariana Debose bedazzles everyone. After that, she immediately got an invitation to the Met Gala. Then, Zadrian and Sarah collaborated with Michael Kors’ team. And by Friday at 3, Ariana Debose got fitted in a fresh-off-the-runway look. Which outcome came well, organic and right.

Ariana Debose wore a shiny, spotlight-stealing Michael Kors’ spring 2022 collection. That complemented this year’s, Met Gala. The dress gives the classic American silhouette 90’s impression, but, to be precise, it goes back to the 20’s flapper slip dress.

Whereas it took in total 285-man hours of handwork. And stylist Zadrian shares that Ariana Debose fell in love to dress. As well it ideally suited actress Ariana Debose’s style and personality. Moreover, it was the best dress for Ariana Debose’s special moment as it was her first time at Met Gala.

The silver-beaded dress is crafted from metallic lace from Calais, France. And it took 285-man hours of handwork. The dress has seven different-sized paillettes that give it so glam look. Ariana Debose’s look came together in three days. She tried the dress on Friday, and all the fittings and settings were done in three days.

While Michael Kors wore a custom-crafted tuxedo from Savile Row tailor.