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Who Is Runner, Tommy Rivs? Wikipedia, Married, Wife, Children, Cancer, & Net Worth

Tommy Rivs

Tommy Rivs is a professional ultra-runner and an accomplished marathoner who is also famous as a speaker, iFit trainer and physical therapist. He is active on social networking sites and has 336k followers on his Instagram. He is also popular on Twitter and has 11.3k followers there and 53k followers on his Facebook account.

Who Is Tommy Rivs? Wikipedia, Age & Height

Tommy Rivs is an athlete with the best endurance and licensed massage therapist, born in 1975 as Tommy Rivers Puzey, and his hometown is in Flagstaff, Arizona. He is currently 47 years old.

Tommy Rivs graduated from Northern Arizona University with a doctorate I Physical therapy. He has a height of 6 feet and weighs 170 pounds.

Who Are Tommy Rivs’ Parents?

Tommy Rivs parents’ details are currently not available though he had posted about his relationship with his parents in the past on his Facebook account.

What Happened to Tommy Rivs?

Tommy Ribs got admitted to the ICU with respiratory issues back in the summer of 2020, which was the pandemic’s peak. He was diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary NK T-Cell Lymphoma, a very rare and aggressive form of lymphoma. 

He received chemotherapy under the guidance and expertise of leading lymphoma physicians in the world in a hospital in Scottsdale, AZ.

Tommy suffered from an unknown respiratory illness and pneumonia-like symptoms. Hence, he did all the COVID-19 tests, but his results came negative, so when he was checked into an Arizona hospital, he was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma.

After six months of being diagnosed with cancer, he entered remission and had lost more than 80 pounds from his muscular frame. However, his lungs were at 20 percent capacity, which disqualified him for a lung transplant, so he moved to a rehab facility to build his lungs and strength back.

Tommy Rivers is not cured of his cancer fully, but he had posted about his long period of suffering from lung cancer coming to an end back in November 2021. 

The professional athlete recently updated his health with his followers and fans via his post on Instagram, where he thanked people who didn’t give up on him even when he had given up on himself.

He shared that his current weight read 174 lbs on April 10 morning and mentioned that it was officially heavier than his racing weight before he got sick.

Is Tommy Rivs Married? About His Wife

Tommy Rivs is a married man and has a beautiful, supporting wife named Steph Catudal. He tied knot and exchanged wedding vows with his wife on 23rd August 2008. He celebrated their 5th anniversary in 2013 and tweeted that his wife was his favorite thing in the world.

His wife, Steph Catudal, is an author and a trained interpersonal mediator born in Montreal, Quebec. She is best known for her book called Everything All At Once, based on her time with her husband’s 84-day lung cancer struggle while on life support.

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Tommy loves to post about his wife, and his latest post related to Steph was in 22vMarch when he posted a selfie with her labeling her as his ride or die.

The couple is parents to three beautiful daughters, and their daughter named Harper was born on Nov 30, 2009. Tommy tweeted on her 8th birthday in 2017 with her beautiful dialogue.

What Does Tommy Rivs Do? Career Insights

Tommy Rivers Puzey is an ultra-running professional athlete and an anthropologist and linguist who can speak 5 languages. He had finished first in the Flagstaff to Grand Canyon 55k in 2018 and won the Arizona Rock & Roll Marathon in 2016.

He shared that he ran the Grand Canyon every week and ran regular strides, and did specific work with a hard effort.

What Is Tommy Rivs’ Net Worth?

It is reported that an average salary of a professional runner in the United States is $37,765 a year, according to

However, Tommy Rivs has not revealed exact details about his earnings and has not disclosed his net worth yet.