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Who Is Browns Senior Broadcaster Nathan Zegura? Wikipedia Details, Parents, Wife, Kids, & Net Worth

Nathan Zegura Wikipedia

Nathan Zegura, known for his reporting, isn’t a new name for those who follow Cleveland Browns. However, people don’t know much about him, and they are keen to find information about him. Being a media person, he is active on Twitter which has 99.5k followers.

Who Is Nathan Zegura? Wikipedia Details

Nathan Zegura is a Senior Media Broadcaster for the Cleveland Browns. He was born on 4 July 1978 in Hayward, California, which is located near the San Francisco Bay area.

After graduating high school in a local high school, Nathan graduated from Emory College, Atlanta, in Political Science. He even has a Master’s degree in Political Science.

Forty-three years old broadcaster has been living in Bentleyville, Ohio, with his family. He is a close friend to WWE superstar The Miz.

Nathan has a height of 6 feet 2 inches and a well build body.

Who Are Nathan Zegura’s Parents?

Nathan Zegura’s parents raised him in the San Francisco Bay area. He was born to parents Peter Zegura (father) and Allaire Zegura (mother). There is not much information about his parents. However, based on his Twitter post, he is very close to his mom and dad.

About siblings, there isn’t any information to be found.

Who Is Nathan Zegura Married To?

Nathan Zegura has been married to his wife, Kaila Elizabeth Zegura, since February 2019. They have known each other since they went to Emory. Taking career into consideration, the lovebirds took their time and took years to move their relationship further in 2018 when they got engaged. However, some outlets refer that they tied the knot in 2003.

Moreover, this pair is the parents of two children, Arden and Bryce.

What Does Nathan Zegura Do?

As soon as Nathan Zegura graduated, he took a job as a consultant with McKinsey Company LLP in Atlanta. He has had a passion for fantasy football since then and followed it with the support of his wife. Further, Nathan became the Consultant for fantasy football and opened a website called

After residing in Ohio, he worked for ESPN 850 WKNR in 2005, where he hosted a fantasy-based radio show. Nathan even hosted That Fantasy Show on WMMS 100.7.

In 2013, he joined the Cleveland Browns Daily and hosted the Browns talk show with Vic Carucci. After the departure of Vic in 2014, Nathan took over the hosting duty alongside Matt Wilhelm.

During his job in 2018, he was suspended for eight weeks after a conflict with the officials.

Currently, Zegura is the Senior Media Broadcaster at Browns and even co-hosts The Cleveland Browns Daily. 

On the other hand, Nathan’s wife is a Media Manager at Browns.

How Much Is Nathan Zegura’s Net Worth? Salary

With a successful career as a media broadcaster, Nathan Zegura has an estimated net worth of $1.2 Million. Based on comparably, the average salary for a senior reporter in the US is $60,861. However, An expert like Nathan makes an easy six-figure per annum.

In addition, he even makes money from his Cameo account, where he Charges people $50 to $250.