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Who Is Isimemen Etute? Why He Not Found Guilty Of All His Charges? Wikipedia, Murder, Dating, & Arrested

Isimemen Etute

Isimemen Etute is a former Virginia Tech football player. He has been in the headline recently as he was acquitted by a Jury when he was accused of second-degree murder in the 2021 death of Jerry Smith, 40, of Blacksburg.

Moreover, Isimemen Etute was found not guilty of all charges on 27 May 2022, and he collapsed in tears when the verdict was read.

Who Is Isimemen Etute? Wikipedia

Isimemen Etute was a college athlete and played for Ivy Tech football as a linebacker. Virginia Tech in the 2021 nomination endorsed him, but following the incident with Jerry Smith, he was suspended from his college and group.

Isimemen Etute was born in 2003, making him 19 years old as of 2022. He has not revealed his exact date of birth yet, so his birth sign and birth date are missing.

He went to Cox High School and was a first-year recruit to Virginia Tech, where she studies human turn of events.

Isimemen Etute has not shared any information about his parents and family members. Furthermore, his family decided to stay away from the media following the case. 

Why Was Isimemen Etute Get Arrested? How Did He Meet Jerry Smith?

Isimemen Etute was arrested on 2 June 2021 and charged with the second-degree murder of Jerry Smith on May 2021. Jerry Smith was a local Blacksburg man who had disguised himself as a woman online to meet straight, college-aged men.

Isimemen Etute and Jerry Smith connected on a dating app, Tinder. On April 2021, Smith had gone by the name Angie Renee, and Etute went to Smith’s apartment with his teammate, Da’Shawn Elder, to meet Angie on 10 April. Etute testified that Smith’s apartment was nearly pitch dark and kept his face hidden, and he added that Smith gave him oral sex and a $50 gift to him.

Etute then went to Smith’s apartment with his two teammates to identify the gender of Smith, but Etute entered Smith’s apartment alone and used his cell phone’s light to determine that Smith was indeed a man and confronted him. However, Etute testified that Smith grabbed his genitals and Etute striked Smith in his face several times when he thought Smith was reaching out for a weapon under his bed. 

After a month of the incident, a knife was found between Smith’s mattress and box spring when police searched his apartment, and Etute had testified that he stomped on Smith’s face when he left the apartment and added that Smith was breathing when he departed. However, the forensic detective testified that the entire attack took only a few seconds. His autopsy report showed that all of his facial bones were broken, with teeth fragments missing and bleeding in the brain.

Etute’s lawyer, Turk, argued that he should not be found guilty because of self-defense as the entire situation happened because of Smith’s deliberate, wicked sexual ruse. 

After almost a year after the incident, Etute was finally found not guilty of all charges in the beating death of Jerry Smith, who had online catfished Etute. The Jury favored a self-defense argument where Etute feared for his life after the victim reached his bed, where a knife was found later.