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Things To Know About American Footballer Doug Flutie’s Net Worth, Contract, Salary, & Stats


Doug Flutie started his football player journey from high school, where he was a promising player. He played for different teams such as NFL, USFL, and CFL with excellent stats. He joined Boston College, where he gained his name after a legendary throwing throw of 48 yards. 

Doug received many honors, including 1991-1994/1996/1997 Grey Cup Most Valuable Player, All American at Boston College, 1984 College Football Player of the Year, and 1984 Heisman Trophy

What’s Doug Flutie’s Net Worth?Contracts & Salary

According to celebritynetworth, Doug Flutie has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He had earned this net worth by playing for different teams in NFL, USFL, and CFL. He played football from the quarterback position. He earned $22 million from NFL only. 

Doug signed a 5-year contract with the New Jersey Generals for an estimated $5.5 million to $ 7.5 million. From 12 years in NFL, Doug earned $21.7 million, according to Spotrac. He signed three years contract for $425,000 with the Chicago Bears, where he played 5games from 1986-1988 with an average salary of $141,667.

He played 1 season with Bears and earned $125,000. In 1989 he was traded to New England Patriots, where he signed one year’s contract with an average salary of $350,000. He was released by New England Patriots and was signed by the British Columbia Lions for a staggering worth $350,000 per season, making him the highest-paid player of the CFL in 1990. In CFL, he played for eight years.

 In 1998-1999, he signed two years contract with Buffalo Bills for $625,000 and a signing bonus of $25,000. There his average salary was $312,500. Again in 1999-2002, he signed a new contract with Buffalo Bills for $21,800,000 with a signing bonus of $6,000,000, there his average salary was $5,450,000. He played three seasons with Buffalo Bills earning $9,675,000. 

In 2001 he left Buffalo Bills and signed a six-year contract with San Diego Chargers for $30,300,000 with a signing bonus of $3,000,000 with an average salary of $5,050,000. Again in 2004, he renewed his contract for three years for $3,775,000 with San Diego Chargers for an average salary of $1,258,333. He played in San Diego Chargers for seasons from 2001-2006, earning $10,525,000.

Again in 2005, he left San Diego Chargers and signed a one-year contract with New England Patriots for $790,000, signing a bonus of $790,000 and guarantees of $25,000. There his average salary was $790,000. He played with New England Patriots for 1989-1989 and 2005-2005, earning $1,440,000. As a professional football player, he has played 21 seasons before retiring in 2005.

In 2007 Doug purchased a $2.1 million home in Melbourne Beach, Florida. The house has a 5-bedroom pool, jacuzzi, and beautiful view of surroundings. In local the house is known as “Pineapple house,” 

In 2013 Doug listed his Natick, Massachusetts property for $1.7 million. The property is expanded to 7,233 square feet with six bedrooms, a heated pool, a basketball court, expansive basement with a pool table and exercise room. He bought land in 1994 for $212,000. This property is estimated to be $1.5 million, but he listed $1.7 million as a considerable profit.

What Football Team Did Doug Flutie Play For And His Stats?

Doug Flutie was a football star from his high school. For his football career, he joined Boston College, which was the only National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I-A. He played as a quarterback during his freshman season.

During his senior season threw a touchdown pass, 48-yard to Hail Mary, which was the highlight moment for him. His excellent performance, which includes 3,454 passing yards and 27 touchdowns, earned him All-America honors and Heisman Trophy for the first time in Boston College history.

After proving himself in high school and college, he established himself as a professional football player in National Football League, United States Football League (USFL), and Canadian Football League with teams like the Los Angeles Rams, New Jersey Generals, the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, BC Lions Calgary Stampeders, Toronto Argonauts, Doug Buffalo Bills, and the San Diego Chargers.

The New Jersey Generals signed him in USFL. In 1985 he was selected as 11th-round draft pick by Los Angeles Rams and later traded to the Chicago Bears in NFL. He made his debut from Bears in 1996, where he just played five games. After five games, he was again traded to the New England Patriots and released in 1989.

The British Columbia Lions of the CFL signed him in 1990. In CFL, he had played for eight years. During this time, he earned named as the league’s Most Outstanding six times, and three of the teams he played won the Grey Cup. He has stats of more than 40,000 yards, 270 passing touchdowns, and 70 rushing touchdowns in the CFL.

In 1998, he again came back to NFL as Buffalo Bills signed him as a backup quarterback. Doug got his chance when starting player got down due to rib injury and threw 2,711 yards and 20 touchdowns, leading the Bills to a 7–3 record in 10 starts. The same season Doug was named to the Pro Bowl and remained to start quarterback in 1999. 

He continued in Bills till 2001 after being backup duty for 2000. In 2001 after leaving the Bills, he signed with the San Diego Chargers. Doug was demoted as a backup after the Charges post 5-11 record. In 2005 he joined New England and retired from there.