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Who is Thomas Ravenel? Details About His Net Worth, Baby Custody, & Relationship

Thomas Ravenel net worth, relationship and baby custody

Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel is a politician and reality television star. Ravenel is a founder of a commercial real estate company, ‘Ravenel Development Corporation.’

He was in a Relationship with Heather Mascoe and had a son. And Also, in relation to Kathryn Dennis, and had two children.

Father Of A Child

Thomas Ravenel welcomed a son, Jonathan Jackson, with ex-girlfriend Heather Mascoe on 29 June 2020. Jonathan was born by c-section.

Thomas previously had two children Kensie and Saint, from his girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis. 

Thomas Ravenel has reignited his custody battle with ex Kathryn. He Accused Kathryn Dennis of Drug Use and Filed Documents to move the kids further away.

Ravenel’s legal team discovered that Dennis was allegedly using drugs while the kids were in her custody. After that, they sent the paperwork.

 After battling in court for years over their two children, Kensie and Saint reached a custody agreement in November 2019. The fight was finally over. 

Dennis revealed that they had resolved all the matters related to their children and made the agreement in the children’s best interests.

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel Is Also A Politician

Thomas Ravenel, a politician, and reality television star, was born on 11 August 1962 in Charleston. Ravenel is one of the cast members of the hit Bravo show, Southern Charm, and the former State Treasurer of South Carolina.

He is 58 years old and was born in a political family to the father, Authur Ravenel, and Mother Loise Rodgers, where his father is a Congressman from South Carolina.

Thomas Ravenel’s older brother William Ravenel was sent to live in a group home because of Down Syndrome.

Thomas Ravenel Is A M.B. A Graduated

Thomas Ravenel graduated from The Citadel in Charleston, receiving his B.S. in 1985, and he pursued his M.B.A. in finance and real estate from the University of South Carolina in 1991. After that, he founded the ‘Ravenel Development Corporation‘ (1992), a commercial real estate company.

Thomas Ravenel Relationship With Heather Mascoe

Heather Mascoe is a 38-year-old registered nurse who was previously in a relationship with her ex Chiagkouris. Chiagkouris is a well-known restaurateur in Charleston. The couple had two children together.

Later, Mascoe was accused by Chiagkouris of running up bills on his credit card. Chiagkouris dropped the charges against her, and the case was dismissed after she got arrested. Mascoe and Chiagkouris’s relationship ended in 2014.

Ravenel and Mascoe started dating in the summer of 2019.

thomas ravenel and heather mascoe relationship

Thomas Ravenel And Heather Mascoe(©

The couple reveals that both of them were just good friends. However, Mascoe gave birth to their son, Jonathan.

Jonathan was born by c-section. Daily Mail reported that Ravenel and Mascoe are pleased to have a child. Heather is a phenomenal mom, and they’re both doing well. The couple engaged after five months of becoming parents.

In August 2019, Charleston reportedly hung a banner of Ravenel’s past legal woes outside of his house, proving that Charleston disapproves of Thomas.

Thomas Ravenel Relationship With Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis, and Ravenel have become serious since they started dating. 

The couple was blessed with two children, Kensie and Saint. They were temporarily living co-parented with their two children, 6-year-old Kensie and 4-year-old Saint.

During the time, Ravenel started dating Heather secretly, that he has a child on the way from Mascoe.

Mascoe was already pregnant during this time. Dennis expressed that she was unknown about Thomas and Mascoe’s relationship, as she was living together with the boyfriend who was dating another girl at the same time.

Ravenel and Dennis were never married but have been embroiled in a contentious custody battle for their children for years.

thomas ravenel and kathryn dennis relationship

Thomas Ravenel with Kathryn Dennis(©

Dennis told People in 2019 that,

‘I didn’t really realize what all had gone on or not gone on until after the relationship was over and truly. I had time to reflect and I actually feel the emotions, I felt like I had been under control. I just listened and did whatever I was told.’

Kathryn also shared that they are still trying to work everything out, and she has faith and trust that they will.

It appeared like Dennis and Thomas are maybe in an on-off relationship again.

As reported by People:

‘Thomas and Kathryn have been spending a lot of time together. They’re on really good terms. It started with co-parenting, but it quickly grew into something more. She feels comfortable with him again, and they’ve both kind of tossed aside any other relationships they had for each other. There’s that spark, and they’re letting themselves explore it right now.’

As Ravenel also denied to reveal that he has patched up with Dennis. He replied to one of his fans comment that,

‘No, we’re doing some things together because it makes the kids very happy to see us getting along. And in this matter, our interests are perfectly aligned.’

People Reported that they’ve always still loved each other, no matter what they were going through. They have this very magnetic relationship. It’s like they have a great bonding with each other.

Whenever they’re in a room, the way they look at each other, they’ve always had this crazy love.

Net Worth

He ran for the US Senate in 2004 and came in third in the Republican primary. In 2006, Thomas went on to run for State Treasurer and won.

Ravenel founded the ‘Ravenel Development Corporation,’ which was a commercial real estate company.

Thomas has appeared in Watch What Happens: Live from 2014 to 2017. he has also featured on Southern Charm with his girlfriend Kathryn from 2014 to 2020. In season 2 of Southern Charm, Ravenel re-entered the political ring and ran for Senate.

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel has an estimated net worth of $6 million from his political and acting career.

Thomas worth $6 million from the casting of season 7 of Southern Charm.

In the year 2020, Thomas purchased a new home of about $1.8 million, referred to as ‘The Balcony.’