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All You Need To Know About Leroy Burcroff: Wiki, Married, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Leroy Burcroff

Leroy Burcroff is an American politician who is currently working as the Mayor of Romulus, Michigan.

He was active in playing various sports and was involved in his leadership role since his childhood days. He also served as the class president in his high school days.

Leroy Burcroff faced lots of media attention and has been hyped on the internet because people think he is a corrupt politician and blamed him for using campaign funds on his daughter’s wedding.

Who Is Leroy Burcroff? How Old Is Leroy Burcroff?

Leroy Burcroff is a famous American politician who is best recognized as the Mayor of Romulus, Michigan, also a volunteer and community leader.

He was born in 1964 in the United States to parents Dean Burcroff and Shirley Burcroff. His father is professionally a retired Navy veteran, firefighter, and a local businessman, and his mother was a school teacher.

Mayor Burcroff is a Romulus High School graduate and an active personality who has shown his outstanding judgment and excellent decision-making skills since his childhood days.

Leroy Burcroff is currently 57-years-old and holds an American nationality.

Who Is Leroy Burcroff Married To?

Leroy Burcroff got married to his long-term girlfriend named Jerilynn Kain. The couple is the high school sweetheart. The politician Leroy Burcroff and his wife, Jerilynn Kain, have been together for a decade and still living the beautiful moment of their lives.

The pair are the parents of three children. They have two sons, namely Dean Burcroff and Brad Burcroff. Additionally, the happy couple is blessed with a daughter named Nancy Burcroff.

Leroy and Jerilynn also have their grandson named Gavin Burcroff.

Which Political Party Does Leroy Burcroff Belongs To?

Leroy Burcroff belongs to the Republican political party and has been a member since 2014 and has been actively involved in the political party for a decade.

Leroy has been working as the Mayor of Romulus for seven years.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Leroy Burcroff?

Leroy Burcroff’s net worth is yet to be revealed in the public media. However, being an American politician, he has earned a decent sum of money from his professional career.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a Mayor in Michigan is approximately $183,423 per year. They can earn about $88.18 an hour, $3,527 per week, and $15,285 per month.

Initially, Leroy started his career working at the Company Bearing Service. Due to his hard work and dedication, he became successful in his career, grabbed his opportunity, and worked in multiple supervisory and leadership positions. Later he became a Vice President of the company.

During his career, he is a member of the Community United Methodist Church and served as a Planning Commissioner, City Council member, Chairman, and Board Member of the Romulus Boys and Girls Club.

 In 2018, he had approximately $600k. He reportedly used the campaign’s fund on his daughter’s marriage cost around $4500, whereas his daughter’s wedding ceremony took place in a yacht club. Also, he nearly dropped $15,000 into collection baskets at Community United Methodist Church.

According to, Leroy has returned the worth around $20k back to the campaign.

Probably, the American politician Leroy would have earned more than a million-dollar since he collects plenty of money as being the Mayor of Romulus.