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Who Is Tex McIver? What Is He Doing Now? Wife’s Murder, Net Worth, Kids, & Wife


A famous Atlanta attorney Tex McIver is life sentenced for murdering his own wife. However, he always claims it to be an accident. Due to this reason, people are interested in finding out about Tex’s Wikipedia, net worth, kids and many more.

Who Is Tex McIver? Wikipedia Details

Tex McIver is a 73 years old Lawyer born in the year 1948 in Texas. He has been an attorney for 40 years in the state of Georgia. He is a member of the American Bar Association’s standing committee in gun violence. 

He has served as the vice president of the Georgia State Election Board.

Is Tex McIver Married?

Tex McIver was married to Diane in November 2015. The pair met while her company was facing a years-long lawsuit.

The two lived their married life in Buckhead, but they bought a farm in Putnam, where the pair actually live.

Right now, Tex McIver is in jail for the murder of his wife, Diane.

Why Is Tex McIver In Jail?

Tex McIver is charged with killing his wife, Diane, on 26 September 2016. He killed his wife with a .38 caliber revolver that he used for protection.

After 2 weeks of this incident, Tex came forward and accepted that it was an accident.

In December 2016, Atlanta Police charged him with involuntary manslaughter & reckless conduct in shooting his wife.

He is charged with 6 charges; 3 are about influencing the witness.

What Is Tex McIver’s Political Affiliation?

Tex McIver is a Republican. He was never a front liner in politics. However, he and his wife donated over $100,000 to the political candidates in Georgia. They held various fundraisers in his Putnam farm for local leaders.

Tex wasn’t only the true believer but showed a blind commitment to the features of Trumpism.

How Much Net Worth Does Tex McIver Have?

Tex McIver claimed his net worth to be $3.7 million. However, the report says it is around $1.2 million, which was in the form of retirement plans.

Tex had shares in the kaolin mining operation, which is worth between $1.5 million to $2.5 million. However, he doesn’t own any share now.

Tex earnings from Fisher & Phillips firm decreased from $395,000 to $182,600 in the time frame of 2013 and 2016.

After the death of his wife, he sold his wife’s estate and belongings.

Does Tex McIver Have Kids?

Tex McIver has 3 kids from the first marriage. However, he doesn’t have any kids from Diane.