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Who Is The CEO-Elect Of FedEx, Raj Subramaniam? Wikipedia, Parents, Wife, Career, & Net Worth

Raj Subramaniam

Indian American,Rajesh Subramaniam A.K.A Raj Subramaniam would be the new CEO (Chief Operating Officer) of FedEx, according to the announcement made by the U.S Multinational courier delivery giant. He has been in the FedEx company for more than three decades. 

Who Is Raj Subramaniam? Wikipedia Details

Raj Subramaniam is the president and CEO-elect of FedEx Corporation, born on 14 September 1967 in Trivandrum, India. He moved to Mumbai after he was 15. He currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and he stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Raj did his bachelor’ Degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Mumbai. He had never dreamed of a life in Tennessee when he was in IIT.

Raj has done a Master’s in two different subjects. He earned his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Syracuse University and MBA from The University Of Texas at Austin.

Who Are Raj Subramaniam’s Parents?

Rajesh Subramaniam was born to C Subramaniam (father), who was the former Kerala police chief and his mother was a doctor.

His father was a sportsperson, so he was also involved in sports like cricket & badminton. His parents moved to Mumbai for his good. They lived in a 200 sq ft apartment in Mumbai.

Who Is Raj Subramaniam Married To?

Raj Subramaniam married to Uma Subramaniam. She also studied at IIT Ahmedabad. Uma also used to work for FedEx. However, after they moved to Hongkong Uma had to step down for their kids and family.

This pair is proud parents of two kids whose names are still unknown in public.

What Does Raj Subramaniam Do? Career Details

Currently, Raj Subramaniam is the CEO-elect of FedEx. He will be the CEO in June 2022 and has been connected to FedEx for more than 25 years.

Fifty-five years old Raj joined the marketing team in Memphis in 1991. He was then promoted to Asia Pacific Head of marketing and sent to Hongkong. Finally, he was promoted to President of FedEx Express and moved to Canada in 2003.

After that, moving back to the U.S. as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for FedEx Services in 2006.

In December 2018, he was named President and Chief Operating Officer of FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company. After that, he became President and Chief Operating Officer of FedEx Corporation. 

He oversaw the FedEx portfolio of operating companies and our more than 450,000 team members. This role gave him an incredible vantage point to witness all of the amazing work this organization does for our customers worldwide. 

What Is Raj Subramaniam’s Net Worth?

His primary source of income is As the CEO, President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of FedEx Corporation. As the CEO, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of FedEx, the total payment of Raj Subramaniam at FedEx is €5,154,870. 

Raj has an estimated net worth of around 14.2 million as the payment he received from FedEx.