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Who Is “Shark Tank” Investor Kevin Harrington? Explore About His Net Worth, & Fraud Scam


Kevin Harrington is an American business executive who is in the limelight for scam controversy. Kevin Harrington, along with Kevin O’Leary, was sued for alleged scams for scamming tons of entrepreneurs. As per TMZ, approximately 20 entrepreneurs have filed a lawsuit.

However, Kevin Harrington has denied the accusation and stated that someone else had misused Kevin Harrington’s name. And he has not been involved in this scam in person. His two companies, InvetureX and Ideazon name are coming ahead in the scam.

Twenty entrepreneurs have sued Shark Tank stars, claiming manipulation and defrauding by giving fake promises. According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, new investors and entrepreneurs were manipulated to invest in one of two companies, InventureX or Ideazon, to crowdfund for their business and appearance in Shark Tank.

In the lawsuit, entrepreneurs had claimed they got scam by Shark Tank stars, and have not received any help or support from InventureX and Ideazon even after investing on it.

Kevin Harrington is the primary executive and partner of InventureX, and Kevin O’Leary allegedly “endorsed and recommended.”

The victims claim losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars per plaintiff. They have demanded pay for damages, economic loss, emotional distress, and legal fees from Shark Tank stars.

Who Is Kevin Harrington?

Kevin Harrington is an American business executive and entrepreneur who was born on 15 October 1956 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, with sun sign Libra. At present, he is 64 years old with a height of 1.63 m tall and a weight of 64 kg.

From the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, he has completed his graduation. 

He was passionate about business from a young age as he was grown in an entrepreneurial, blue-collar family in Ohio. His father opened multiple restaurants and bars. 

At the age of 15, he worked 40 hours per week in his father’s business and started his own sealing driveways. During his high school, he used to sell high-end baby high chairs door-to-door. On the way to college, he has started a business in heating and air conditioning. It turned to be his first million-dollar enterprise. 

What Is Kevin Harrington Doing Now?

Kevin Harrington, with 30 years long career journey, is currently involved in as CEO. Also, Kevin Harrington is presently involved in projects like Inventor’s Business Center opening in the United States and Canada.

Kevin is building out a roofing company named Roof Maxx which is the fastest-growing nation’s roofing business. He is working on introducing the company to new territories. He is also a board member of Celsius, an energy drink where he invested five years ago.

Recently, Kevin Harrington engaged as a strategic advisor and brand ambassador in Cannapreneur Partners and its portfolio companies. Similarly, he operates a private consulting firm where he helps companies stay on track and has increased the stock price of several public companies.

Who Is Kevin Harrington Married To?

Kevin Harrington married Crystal Harrington, simply a somewhere private area in United Stated. Kevin Harrington admitted having a wife through Facebook in 2010.

He has not shared much information about his wife on social. He keeps posting about his son’s pictures and update on him. His son Brian Harrington has followed his father’s path by becoming a partner at Kevin Harrington Enterprises and handling the family business. 

Kevin has a son named Brian Harrington. On 11 June 2016, Brian Harrington shared a snap of him and his biological mother by writing.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful mother, Amy Harrington – love you!!”.

This indicated Kevin had married twice, and Crystal Harrington may not be his first wife.

Brian Harrington is happily married to Alyssa Harrington and have three kids. This makes Kevin Harrington, grandfather of three cute little innocents grandchildren. 

How Much Net Worth Does He Have? Career Insights

Kevin Harrington has a net worth of $400 million earned as chairman and founder of TV Goods Inc and many other business ventures like Quantum International, HSN Direct, Reliant International, Entrepreneur’s Organization, and Electronic Retailing Association. He is also a panel member and investor in the hit television show Shark Tank.

His 20 companies give him revenue of $100 million each. He has been involved in lunches of more than 500 products with over $5 billion sales worldwide.

Kevin Harrington started his business career from year 1985 with an investment of only $25,000 and launched Quantum International. This business earned $500 million per year and raised its stock price from $1 to $20 per share.

He is a co-founding board member of Entrepreneurs Organization which generates $500 billion of member sales. 

He has added some worth to his net worth by producing movies and writing and publishing books. This may not add much, but producing movies and writing/publishing books has somewhat increased his net worth.

Career As An Entrepreneur

Kevin Harrington’s founding company, named Quantum International, was a pioneer infomercial company. Till 1994, he was president of National Media, and from 1994 to 1998, he was CEO of co-founded the HSN Direct International Inc. However, the year 2002 was the turning point of Kevin Harrington’s business journey.

In that year, Kevin Harrington became president of Harrington Business Development Inc and served many more companies as CEO.

He is one of the panel members, and investor of ABC Network hit show Shark Tank, creator of As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of Entrepreneur’s Organization. The achievements of Kevin Harrington are enormous in the business industry. He has been honored by different companies with promising positions throughout this career.

As Author And Producer

Besides being a business person, he is an author and producer. As author he has written several books likes Act Now: How I Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products, Key Person of Influence, and Put a Shark in Your Tank. As a producer, he has produced movies and TV series like A New You with Monte Durham, The Fact Finders, American Fable, etc.