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Who Is Chris Kirkpatrick’s Wife Karly Skladany? Explore Her Relationship Details, Parents & Net Worth

Karly Skladany

Karly Skladany is an American personality. She is best known as the wife of Chris Kirkpatrick. Chris Kirkpatrick is a former NSync band member. Karly Skladany herself is a marketing representative.

Who Is Karly Skladany? How Old Is SHe?

Karly Skladany is a celebrity wife of an American singer, actor, and dancer Chris Kirkpatrick. Unlike, her husband Karly is out of the entertainment business. Twenty-eight years old Karly Skladany is a marketing representative. 

As per Karly Skladany was born on 1984 in the United Sates. Her parents are Tom Skladany and Coburn Skladany.

Since Karly Sklandany is not from the entertainment industry and is a private person, very little is known about her. Karly was born in the United States, yet other details are unavailable.

Is Karly Skladany On Social Media?

Yes, Karly Skladany is on social media and quite active.

Skladany has a Twitter account under her own name and has 2,889 followers, while she is following 1,138 others. She joined Twitter in March 2009. To date, she has 1,079 tweets.

She also is active on Instagram. Since Karly joined Instagram, she has been more active on Instagram than on Twitter, where she has around 12.3k followers. Karly often shares pictures and videos of her son and her husband, Chris Kirkpatrick.

She doesn’t have Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube accounts.

When Did Karly Skladany & Chris Kirkpatrick Get Engaged?

Chris Kirkpatrick proposed to Karly Skladany in October 2012 after dating each other for three years. Karly and an American singer, dancer, and actor Chris started dating in 2010.

The proposal has happened in Capri, Italy, after Chris proposed Karly they got engaged in October 2012.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Chris Kirkpatrick shares,

“We had a hotel room at the Isle of Capri, overlooking the Mediterranean. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. And it hit me: I wanted to propose to Karly. So I ran to a jewelry store, found the perfect ring and bought it.”

Chris Kirkpatrick added, “

“We were sitting on the balcony with a bottle of champagne and I put the ring in her glass. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was romantic. As soon as I asked her, she said, ‘It’s about time!’ And we laughed. It was spur of the moment, but it was absolutely perfect.”

And the very next thing Chris did was to call Karly Skladany’s father for his permission. Which, without any doubt, they got.

The engagement ring has a large oval-cut diamond surrounded by several smaller diamonds set in a two-tiered white gold band.

When Did Karly Skladany & Chris Kirlkpatrick Get Married?

Karly Skladany and Chris Kirkpatrick tied the knot at the Loews resort hotel in Orlando, Florida. The wedding was held on Saturday, 2 November 2013, with the bride and groom’s close friends and family.

Wedding attendees include all five NSYNC members; former band member Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass. Also, Justin Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel, was present for the ceremony. It was a reunion of Nysync after late august.

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Skladany wore a jewel-encrusted gown at her wedding and chose a hand-carved wedding band with diamonds set in platinum. Her husband Chris wore black diamonds set in tungsten.

The romantic wedding ceremony décor was lovely with white flowers decoration, and all the NSYNC members were there too.

After the wedding, the couple went on a honeymoon in Hawaii and announced they expected a child in early 2017. The couple welcomed their first child as a son on 10 October 2017. 

How Much Is Karly Skladany’s Net Worth?

No information is available regarding Karly Skladany’s net worth.

Meanwhile, Karly Skladany’s husband Chris Kirkpatrick’s net worth is $10 million. Chris with the band NSYNC has sold over 50 million records around the world. 

She is more than just a marketing representative as she attended school at James Madison University in Virginia. She was a Game Presentation Manager for Orlando Magic from June 2006 until December 2011.

Karly is helping her husband in his business.