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Who Is Serial Entrepreneur James Khuri? Wikipedia Details, Wife, Parents, Son, & Net Worth

James Khuri Wikipedia

James Khuri is a self-made businessman. His journey from the son of an immigrant to a millionaire is an inspiration to people. Due to his work, people are keen to know about his personal life and wiki. So, keep scrolling to find out about it.

Who Is James Khuri? Wikipedia Details

James Khuri is an American millionaire with multiple businesses. Forbes entitled him a Serial Entrepreneur. He was born on 26 December 1977 in Rochester, New York. He had loved trading cards at an early age.

After completing high school in a local high school, he went to the University of Rochester, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. James was just 21 when he did his MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business.

Forty-four years old millionaire has a good build body with 5 feet and 11 inches in height.

Who Are James Khuri’s Parents?

James Khuri was born to parents Fuad J. Khuri (father) and Umaya (mother). When he was six years old, his family went to Lebanon in order to re-establish their house. However, they were not able to live in Lebanon and returned to New York within six months.

There is nothing much about his up brings. His parents are separated. He grew up along with his sister, Jane Khuri.

Is James Khuri Married? Son’s Details

James Khuri Married his ex-wife Christine Khuri-Roderick. However, they couldn’t carry on with their marriage and ended their marriage in 2008. Before getting divorced, James and Christine had a son named Brendan Khuri.

Currently, Brendan lives with James, and James serves as a single father. Recently, his son was involved in an accident where a woman was killed.

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James currently lives in California with his son.

What Does James Khuri Do?

James Khuri is a businessman who has nine firms. Among nine firms, FJ Holding LLC in California and Khuri Enterprises in New York are among the top in their business. He has been the CEO of FJ Holding since 2009.FJ Holding is a Trading Card Distributor

He has been the CEO of Khuri Enterprises since 2001. In 2001, he started by purchasing medical and housing buildings.

James Khuri was also invited to work on Walmart’s “Fulfilled by Walmart” system. He began working on the idea through his company, and in just one week, he had processed 4,000 orders.

How Much Is James Khuri’s Net Worth?

As a successful businessman, James Khuri has been able to accumulate a huge amount of money. He has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

According to Forbes, he was able to make sales of $100 million when he was just 27 years old.

After the incident with his son, James paid $18.85 million as compensation for the family of the women who died that day.