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Who Is Iole Lucchese? How Did Her Partner Richard Robinson Died? Her Net Worth And About Scholastic Corporation

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Iole Lucchese became the heir and the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Scholastic Corporation after the demise of Scholastic Corp’s head M. Richard Robinson.

Instead of giving worth $1.2 billion publishing company to his ex-wife and their kids, Richard gave control of his multi-billionaire company to Iole Lucchese. Iole has been a part of the company for more than three decades.

Lucchese’s fans are excited to know about her romantic relationship with Richard and also want to know about her net worth.

How Old Is Iole Lucchese?

Iole Lucchese was born in 1967 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her exact date of birth is yet to be revealed in the media. She is 54-years-old as of 2021.

Lucchese was the first person in her family to graduate college who attended the University of Toronto and earned her post-graduation from The University of Manchester.

Who Is Iole Lucchese Partner Richard Robinson? How He Died?

Iole Lucchese’s Partner Richard Robinson was the CEO of a $1.2 billion publishing company named Scholastic Corporation, born on 15 May 1937 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Scholastic Corporation was founded by his father, Maurice Robinson. Lole’s partner Richard Robinson was credited for making popular books such as Harry Potter and Captain Underpants suitable for younger readers.

Unfortunately, Scholastic Corp’s CEO took his last breath on 5 June 2021, who died at the age of 84 while on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. The reason behind his death was said to be from a stroke or a heart attack.

Is Iole Lucchese Married? Who Is Her Romantic Partner?

Iole Lucchese’s married life and her personal details are not available on the internet right now. However, she was in a longtime romantic relationship with her partner, late Richard Robinson, whereas Lucchese is 30 years younger than Robinson.

According to, Mr. Robinson mentioned Ms. Lucchese as his partner and closest friend in 2018.
Iole’s romantic partner, late Robinson, handover his $1.2 billion company to her because he is the closest friend of Lucchese.

Before being in the romantic relationship with Iole Lucchese, Richard was married to Helen V.Benham, with whom they shared two children, namely John Benham Robinson and Maurice Richard Adams Robinson.

What Is About Scholastic Corporation? Career Of Lole Lucchese

Nearly two months after the death of Scholastic Corporation owner, M. Richard Robinson, Lole Lucchese became the heir and the Chair of the Board of Directors of Scholastic Corporation.

She became the head of the $1.2 billion publishing company Scholastic Corporation due to the sudden death of Richard Robinson at the age of 84.

Richard did not give control of the huge company to either of his ex-wife Helen V Benham and his sons; instead, he gave his power to Lole Lucchese.

His older son called it.

‘salt in an open wound.’

Scholastic Corporation is one of the largest publishers of children’s books, such as the Harry Potter series and Magic School Bus series.

Lucchese is a veteran of Scholastic who spends more than 30-years of her career in the organization. She began working with the Scholastic Canada Book Clubs and later ranked through the position of Chief Strategy Officer in 2014.

While working as an associate editor for the Book clubs, she enhanced the affordable and best book price, increasing the number of books, diversifying the offerings, and enabling access to children of all backgrounds.

In 2016, Iole Lucchese was appointed as the Executive Vice President of Scholastic Corporation and currently serving as the Chair of the Board of Directors in 2021.

She is one of the members of the publishing firm Scholastic Corporation and has been part of the company for more than three decades, and became the number one children’s book publisher during her tenure.

Lole Lucchese has consistently led innovative efforts to the particular peoples, including young readers, better support teachers, families, and other consumers, focusing on content development and strengthening the Scholastic brand in publishing and education.

What Is The Net Worth Of Iole Lucchese? Salary And Earnings

Iole Lucchese has an estimated net worth of around $2.08 million. She has earned a fortune of money from her professional career as a Chair of the Board, Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, and President of Scholastic Entertainment.

Additionally, she owns over 2,469 units of Scholastic stock worth over $1,154,840. According to, Lucchese has made more than three trades of the Scholastic stock (SCHL) since 2016. As per SEC Form 4 filed by Iole Lucchese, she trades over 2,469 units of SCHL stock worth $86,637 on 3 September 2019.

On 12 December 2016, she has made the most significant trade of 2,720 units of Scholastic stock worth over $91,392. Iole Lucchese still owns 34,360 units of Scholastic stock.

As per, Iole Lucchese has made $1,170,911 in total compensation being an Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, President of Scholastic Canada at Scholastic Corporation in 2020.

Iole Lucchese has received worth of $908,662 as Total Cash, where she received $249,992 as Equity, and $12,257 was received as Pension. The information is calculated from proxy statements during the 2020 fiscal year.