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Insight Story About Allison Holker’s Daughter Weslie Fowler: Adoption, Step Dad, & About Dressing Taboos

weslie fowler insight story

Weslie Renae Fowler is a young popular sensation in the social media world who has received massive fame at the very young age of 12. Weslie is a famous American TikTok star and social media influencer with significant fan-following.

A glance into Weslie’s social life

Weslie, as a social media star, became a subject to public attention when her parents posted her picture on Instagram in 2015. She gained ever-growing fame then onwards. Her Instagram accounts are handled by her parents.

She has a huge fan following with more than 130k followers and 2.1M likes on her TikTok account @wesliereane83. She also has active links with Twitter, youtube, and other websites.

Insight to Weslie’s Family And Adoption

The young social media star has a delightful family background of fame. Her mother, Allison Holker is herself an acknowledged influencer best known for starring in So you think you can dance(2013).

Weslie was born on 26 May 2008 and celebrates her birthday on 26 May.

She has two siblings from her step-dad; brother Maddox Laurel Boss (March 27, 2016) and sister Zaia Boss(November 6, 2019).

She is not an adopted, child. She is the daughter of dancer Allison Holker and her ex-boyfriend whose identity is not disclosed. There is no record of his biological father’s. She was born and raised in the U.S.

Her step-dad is dancer Stephen “tWitch” Boss whom Allison married in 2013. Weslie spends a happy time with her stepfather as tWitch sees himself as an unconditional source of love for her.

They have a very good relationship and the father takes all steps necessary to build a peaceful bond in between. They regularly make a Starbucks stop before school to spend some quality time together.

Weslie Renae Fowler following her Mom’s footsteps

Weslie Renae seems to be walking in the footsteps of her charismatic dancer mother, Allison Holker. Her mother who started dancing since childhood gained more popularity through the show: So you think you can dance.

weslie fowler with mom

Weslie Fowler with her Mom Allison Holker(©:Allison Holker/Instagram))

Holker caught more attention as she entered the second season of the show and her dance career went high up.

She was invited for an all-star segment of the different seasons of the show.

And from TikTok updates of her dance videos, it can be foreseen that Weslie is also interested in the professional path paved by her mom. She uploads her dance videos, pictures of modelling and her family on social media.

Weslie Fowler Speaks Against Gender Norms And Dressing Taboos

Fowler boldly retorts to a naysayer when she is criticized for dressing like a boy in TikTok. “Patriarchy is dead,” the 12-year-old responded in reference to the idea that the male-dominated society objects to women trying to live life their way, and are pulled down using unreasonable taboos.

She replies to the question ‘why do you dress a boy‘ in TikTok’s comment, “Just because I don’t wear dresses and bright pink doesn’t mean I am dressing like a boy. This is my style and I necessarily wear comfy clothes and darker colors, and just because I dress like that, doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy,” Weslie explained with confidence.

And it doesn’t mean that boys or girls are defined to wear certain things because of their gender. It doesn’t mean anything. Just because you can’t open your eyes, doesn’t mean I’m about to change.”

weslie fowler dress

Weslie Fowler replied to comment and comment support by Allison Holker(©:worthycelebs)

Allison, proud mother, publicly praises Weslie

On this very issue, her mother Allison Fowler strongly supports her and praises for ‘using her voice’.

Always stand up for who you are,” Allison captioned her response that was posted on Instagram. She is very proud of her daughter for ‘standing up for herself.’

Net Worth Of Weslie Fowler Parents

Weslie’s dad- “tWitch”, who is an actor, a dancer, and an influencer, has an estimated salary of $1M and net-worth of $5M.

Her mother, Allison is a famous celebrity as an actor, dancer, and television performer. Her net worth is around $2M.