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Who Is Andrea Bocelli’s Wife Veronica Berti? Explore Her Married Life, Husband, Parents & Net Worth

Veronica Berti

Veronica Berti is an actress, celebrity wife, and social media influencer. She is widely recognized as the spouse of renowned Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. Berti has also served as a manager to her now-husband.

She is also famous on an Instagram platform where she has 80.4k followers under her own name, @veronicabertiofficial. Meanwhile, she is following 42 others, and to date, she has posted 1,287 posts on Instagram.

Who Is Veronica Berti? How Old Is Veronica Berti?

Veronica Berti is a 37 years old Italian actress. She was born in 1984 in Italy. 

She is best known for her appearance in the cult TV series ‘Great Performances.’ As well as a producer for the music documentary ‘Andrea Bocelli Live from Florence and ‘Celebrity Fight Night in Italy.’ 

Who Are Veronica Berti’s Parents? 

Veronica Berti was born to Italian parents. Her father’s name is Ivano Berti. Meanwhile, her mother and other details on her personal life are still unknown. 

How Did Veronica Berti And Andrea Bocelli Meet?

Veronica Berti met her husband Andrea Bocelli for the first time at a party in 2002. In the same year, Andrea Bocelli divorced his first wife. At the time, Veronica was only 18 years old.

In their first meeting, Veronica was sitting near the piano waiting for her group, but Andrea took the help of his friend to invite Veronica to join his table. Soon after that, they started dating despite 25 years of the age difference.

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Andrea sang an aria called Occhi Di Fata (Fairy’s Eyes) on their first meeting with Veronica. In an interview, Andrea shared that they moved in with each other the same night they met and started their relationship.

Her husband Andrea is a renowned Italian singer, songwriter, record producer and is one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

Is Veronica Berti And Andrea Bocelli Still Married? Wedding Details

Veronica Berti and Andrea Bocelli married after 12 years of relationship. The couple tied the knot in Tuscany, Italy, on 21 March 2014. The intimate wedding ceremony took place at the Sanctuary of Madonna di Montenero.

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The wedding was even special for the couple as their daughter attended it. As well as, it was the day their daughter turned two years old.

Veronica Berti wore an ivory, silk satin Ermanno Scervino gown. The gown featured Valenciennes lace, a silk georgette layer, and shoulders covered with an elegant quilted crepe de chine padded jacket.

For hair, she half her hair tied up and fastened her brunette curls back with a sprig of white flowers. To match the bouquet of white roses she held.

Meanwhile, Andrea Bocelli was in a three-piece silk suit.

Andrea Bocelli’s sons Amos Bocelli and Matteo Bocelli from his ex-wife accompanied him to the church on the wedding day.

The wedding reception was held in her husband Andrea’s villa in Forte Dei Marmi.

The wedding ceremony was attended by only a handful of close friends and family. Andrea ex-wife Enrica Cenzatti and their sons Amos Bocelli and Matteo Bocelli were also included.

Veronica Berti also gets well with Andrea Bocelli’s sons and his ex-wife.

After seven years of marriage, their relationship and bond are still strong. The couple explained their connection to bond by music as both have the same taste in music.

The chemistry was apparent on Andrea Bocelli’s 2016 DVD Cinema when he was unexpectedly joined by his wife Veronica Berti on stage. The duo performed and sang a tender duet of ‘Cheek to Cheek.’ 

Who Are Veronica Berti’s Kids?

Veronica Berti and Andrea Bocelli have a daughter named Virginia, whom the couple first introduced in March 2012.

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Virginia Bocelli was born on 21 March 2012. 

What Is Veronica Berti’s Net Worth? Career Insights

Veronica Berti’ has not publicly disclosed her net worth, so the exact amount of net worth is unknown.

Meanwhile, her husband Andrea Bocelli has an estimated net worth of around $100 million. 


Veronica Berti was part of the TV series ‘Great Performances‘ (1971) and documentary ‘Andrea Bocelli Live from Florence‘ (2016).

In 2018, she appeared in the documentary ‘Celebrity Fight Night in Italy.’

Veronica Berti And Andrea Bocelli Involved In Charitable Works

Veronica Berti and Andrea Bocelli run a foundation named Andrea Bocelli Foundation together. That aims to assist people in overcoming barriers like disability, poverty, and social exclusion.

Veronica Berti and Andrea Bocelli also involved in several charitable works like building hospitals for the underprivileged, project Voices of Haiti, and the Mobile Clinic Project.