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Who Is Ron Howard’s Son-in-law Tim Abou-Nasr? Wikipedia Details, Parents, Wife, & Net Worth

Tim Abou-Nasr Wikipedia

Recently, Ron Howard’s daughter Paige Howard got married to someone named Tim Abou-Nasr. People are keen to know about him and his background. Please stay tuned to learn about him.

He is active on social media, with 1,606 followers on Instagram.

Who Is Tim Abou-Nasr? Wikipedia Details

By profession, Tim Abou-Nasr is an actor who is in a wait to make his breakthrough. He is also a musician based in New York City and specializes in singing cover songs.

Tim Abou-Nasr was born on 23 February 1988 in Omaha, Nebraska. He is a Palestinian Arab who migrated to the USA, eventually. He has a nickname Timmy which his family members call him.

Thirty-four years old Tim started to grow affection towards music at the age of 16 when his father employed him as poolside entertainment at the country club. He has been doing theatres since he was just 10.

Tim has a well-built body with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

Who Are Tim Abou-Nasr’s Parents?

Tim Abou-Nasr was one among four children of his parents, Dawn Abou-Nasr (Mother) and Sam Nasr (Father). His father is fond of cooking and is a chef. His mother has a love for motorbikes as he has.

He is the eldest among four siblings. He has a brother, Adam Abou-Nasr, and two sisters, Sofia Abou- Nasr and  Andrea Abou-Nasr.

Is Tim Abou-Nasr Married?

Tim Abou- Nasr recently married Ron Howard’s daughter Paige Howard on 1st May 2022 in Central Park. The lovebird’s wedding was supposed to happen on 17 May 2020. However, the COVID pandemic postponed it for two years.


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They have been dating since November of 2017. Their love and affection can clearly be seen in their Instagram posts. Tim posted about his engagement on Instagram on 2 October 2019.

It seems they are not in the mode to have any children soon and enjoy life together.

What Does Tim Abou-Nasr Do?

Tim Abou-Nasr has been acting since the early age of around 10. He has played in very few movies like Hillbilly Elegy (2020), Santa Claus, IN (2020), and The Smiler(2020). However, he has been working in theatre for years. 

Tim is an accomplished actor in theatre. However, he is on the road to making his name in movies.

Moreover, Tim is a street singer and guitarist. He has formed a group with Kaitlin Lawrence named The Broadway Buskers.

How Much Is Tim Abou-Nasr’s Net Worth?

After singing and acting for years, Tim Abou-Nasr has been able to earn an estimated net worth of $100,000. Being a promising actor, days are not that far that he will have a net worth of seven figures.