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Who Is Steven Assanti’s Wife, Stephanie Sanger? Wikipedia, Parents, Married, Husband, Weight Loss, & Net Worth

Stephanie Sanger

Stephanie Sanger is an American massage therapist. She came into highlight after her marriage life with Steven Assanti, a Television reality star.

She helped her husband a lot during his weight loss journey. The massage therapist is living a happy lifestyle with her family.

Who Is Stephanie Sanger? Wikipedia Details

Stephanie Sanger Assanti is a massage therapist by profession who is well-known as the wife of Steven Assanti. Her husband, Steven, rose to fame after appearing on the television reality show My 60-lb Life.

Stephanie was born on 27 September 1977 in Lowa, Missouri, the United States of America. She is currently 44 years old, and her zodiac sign is Libra.

Her height is 5 feet 6 inches or 1.67 m tall, and she weighs around 62 kg or 136 lbs.

Who Are Stephanie Sanger’s Parents?

The identity of Stephanie Sanger’s parents is unknown. She kept her personal life a secret and didn’t want to disclose it to the public.

However, her grandfather named is Guido Sanger Sr., and her grandmother named is Dorothy Martin.

When Did Stephanie Sanger Complete Her Graduation?

Stephanie Sanger attended Hoover High School and completed her intermediate education in 1996.

Later, she enrolled in La’ James International College and the College of Natural Health in 1999.

How Did Stephanie Sanger Met Steven Assanti?

Stephanie Sanger Assanti met Steven Assanti online. Stephanie watched him on My 600-lb Life, and she became fascinated by his heart-touching story.

She met him on Steven’s Facebook Live, the duo connected and started talking to each other. After knowing, they consequently met in Houston and started dating.

When Did Stephanie Sanger Got Married?

Stephanie Sanger Assanti got married to her boyfriend turned husband, Steven Assanti, on 17 May 2018 in Polk County, Lowa, the United States of America, in presence of their family and friends.

However, she has faced lots of criticisms and accusations regarding rumors of cat-fishing Steven. Despite this, the massage therapists understand the meaning of true love and support to her husband.

The couple is the parents of children, a son, but his identity remains a mystery.

What Happened To Stephanie Sanger’s Husband?

Stephanie Sanger Assanti’s husband, Steven Assanti, has an overweight problem. She helped her husband in his weight loss journey.

Initially, Steven weights 759 lbs. His weight loss journey began when he appeared in The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred in 2007.

He loved eating pizza, but his family and doctor avoided him eating pizza. Also, Steven abused his brother and father by ordering him a pizza. If they don’t request his favorite food, he threatens to call the police on them and say that they’re abusing him.

Later, Stephanie’s husband had done gastric bypass surgery and lost a significant amount of weight.

When Did Stephanie Sanger Start Her Career?

Stephanie Sanger starts her career working after her graduation. She worked as a massage therapist.

While her husband, Steven Assanti, is a reality TV star who featured on the final two episodes of the fifth season of TLC’s show My-600 lb Life with his brother Justin Assanti in 2017.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Stephanie Sanger?

Stephanie Sanger has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. She has earned a decent fortune from her professional career as a massage therapist.

The average salary of a massage therapist can earn up to $54,544 in the United States of America as of 2022. Their salary depends upon their experience, skills, and certifications.