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Who Is Sami Outalbali? Is He Dating Anyone? Know About His Net Worth, Movies, And TV Shows

Sami Outalbali

Sami Outalbali is a French actor. He is receiving his share of popularity from his recent role in season 2 of “Sex Education.” The handsome actor is well recognized for his recent role and his work in French movies and shows. Sami Outalbali is shining in Hollywood as well and is a rising star.

Who Is Sami Outalbali?

Sami Outalbali is an actor. He is best known for “The Tuche Family,” “Grown Ups,” and “Mortel.” And his recent projects include playing the role of Rahim on Netflix’s original “Sex Education.” 

Twenty-two years old Sami Outalbali was born on March 19, 1999. He is French by nationality, as his birthplace in Poissy. When he is not traveling for work, he usually lives in Paris. His zodiac sign is Pisces. And was raised in a loving and caring environment by his parents.

French actor stands tall at the height of 5 foot 8 inches or 173 cm.

Although Sami Outalbali plays the role of openly gay Rahim in “Sex Education,” the actor is pretty much straight in real life in his sexual preference.

Is He Active On Social Media?

Sami Outalbali has an active Instagram account under the name “@samioutalbali.” In his report, there are in total of 749k followers. At the same time, Sami has followed 335 others, and to date, he has posted 51 posts.

On his social media platform, Sami Outalbali keeps posting his behind-the-scenes photos from the set of “Sex Education.” Where he keeps his fans and followers updated on his upcoming projects. As well as some smoldering selfies of Sami Outalbali.

Other than that, Sami Outalbali also has a Twitter account named @SamiOutalbali

 Is Sami Outalbali Dating Anyone?

Sami Outalbali is not married and engaged with anyone as per available sources. 

As per a report of Netflix Life, Sami Outalbali is currently single as there are no such clues that suggest otherwise. Also, maybe recent celebrities are pretty conscious of their dating and romantic lives and prefer to keep it private, like his co-actor and BFF Emma Mackey. 

How Much Is Sami Outalbali Net Worth?

Sami Outalbali’s net worth is not yet disclosed, according to estimated the average salary of an actor in the USA to be $58,336 as of September 2021. In contrast, the typical salary range falls between $48,072 and $71 225. 

However, many other factors determine the salary range as education, bonus skills, experience in the field, and more.

Movies And Tv Shows

Sami Outalbali is the star of the Netflix series “Sex Education.” However, he was cast as the character of “Rahim” only from season 2. Even though he is new in the show, Sami is getting all the limelight for the show positively. 

Sami Outalbali is playing the openly gay in the Netflix series. And given a chance to see a new side to Eric Effiong, played by Ncuti Gatwa. Besides playing a gay, Sami Outalbali is also playing the role of the boyfriend of Eric Effiong.

In the Netflix hit, Sami Outalbali’s character Rahim is referred to as the “hot French guy.” While Ruby, played by Mimi Keene, takes a particular interest in him. Eric attracts rahim. And the drama builds further, making it more and more enjoyable.

As well Sami Outalbali’s hairstyle is getting popular along with his role in the Netflix hit.

Though “Sex Education” is Sami Outalbali’s first English-speaking show, he has been very much active in the French industry. 

Sami Outalbali has been featured in movies like “Petits Secrets Entre Voisins,” “The Tuche Family,” “Proud,” “Torn,” “A Tale of Love and Desire,” and “Lola.” And currently working on his upcoming French film, named “November.” 

Likewise, Sami Outalbali has been part of TV shows like “Mortel,” “Grown Ups,” and “Vive la Colo!“. Where “Mortel” is a popular supernatural thriller and “Grown Ups” is a comedy series.