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All You Need To Know About Parker Van Noord: Net Worth, Dating, & Father

Parker Van Noord

Parker Van Noord is the son of the world’s most successful male models. Parker is also an actor and model by profession. He shares that modeling has made the world more accessible for him, which has shaped how he views the world and his personality. He finds himself improving and upgrading each time he sees himself in the mirror. 

Parker is regular to the gym and doesn’t follow a particular beauty routine. Other than modeling and fashion, he is interested in photography, music, and art.

He is working on a project, “Lost Constellation,” a visual diary for him as he captures the memories in a short movie.

How Much Is Parker Van Noord’s Net Worth?

Parker van Noord’s net worth does not yet disclose as per available sources.

As per, the average model hourly pay is $20.08. And hourly rate ranges from $10 to $104.

Parker is known for ETRO: Spring/Summer 2021 Advertising Campaign (2021), Coperni: Spring/Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week (2021), and Jacquemus: Spring/Summer 2021 L’AMOUR (2020).

Being the son of one of the most successful models has a huge influence on Parker van Noord’s choice of career. After all, Parker grew up watching his dad Andre van Noord do modeling and posting. However, he was not clear about his dad’s job until he landed in modeling at the age of 14. 

Yes, Parker van Noord was just 14 when he modeled alongside his dad for a Dutch magazine. Since then, there was no looking back. Also, he discovers his passion at the time and figures out that he is natural in front of the camera. And Parker van Noord is blessed with his dad’s good genes that contributed to his attractive and perfect physical look.

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Though Parker van Noord is passionate about models, he equally his education. So, he, studying International Business Management at university, manages his time for both study and modeling. He leaves for a shoot on Friday and comes back in time for his research as he is usually accessible on Monday.

Interestingly, Parker van Noord wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play him if a movie is made of his life.

Parker van Noord has goals beyond just being a successful model. He, of course, wants to model, but he also intends to start his own business in the future. According to him, models are often viewed as the product, and he wants to be more than just a product. To be precise, Parker van Noord has a dream to create stuff by himself.

Who Is Parker van Noord?

Parker van Noord is an actor and model well recognized as the son of one of the most successful male models in the industry. From his dad, Parker van Noord has got his infectious smile and extremely good looks. Parker van Noord is a big fan of Johnny Cash.

Born in 1998 in Netherlands, Parker van Noord is currently 23 years old.

Parker van Noord is gifted with 6 feet 2 inches. His physique is blessed with brown hair and brown eyes. In contrast, his shoe size is 11 (US).

Parker is still doing his four-year degree in International Business Management at university, and he is pretty confident in his friends thoughts about him. When asked, Parker van Noord shared that his friends would describe him as a “good friend, someone they like to hang out with, creative, and cool.”

He is an active person and loves to enjoy every bit of life. So, he doesn’t restrict himself to only one thing. As he loves football and learning multiple languages, he believes that learning languages are one of the biggest achievements. And he is planning on learning Japanese as well.

Who Is Parker Van Noord Father?

Well, Parker van Noord’s father is none other than one of the most popular and successful male models. Meanwhile, His details are still a secret. 

Parker’s dad Andre van Noord has a successful career spanning over 30 years. He is a former Dutch actor and model, best known for his works in Floris, Summer Heat, Punk Lawyer, Soul Assasin, and many more.

Parker van Noord, who model along with his dad, still remembers when he suggested he put on a seductive face for the camera. That helps him a lot to be comfortable and natural in front of the camera. 

Parker’s father, Andre van Noord died at the age of 54 in 2018, and the cause of his death was a brain tumor.

Is Parker Van Noord Dating Anyone?

There is no substantial evidence that suggests that Parker van Noord is in a relationship. Neither has he been linked up with any girls to date.

Is Parker Van Noord Active On Social Media?

Parker van Noord is quite active in his Instagram account under the name @parkervannoord. He has a total of 91.9k followers on Instagram while he is following 960 and has posted 231 posts to date.