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All About ‘The Good Doctor’ Actress Paige Spara: Dating Freddie Highmore, Pregnant, Net Worth, & Family

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Paige Spara is an American actress renowned for her leading roles as Audrey Piatigorsky apropos of the series Kevin from Work (2015). She is best known for The Good Doctor (2017-2021) as Liea Dilallo and  Home Again (2017) as Bartender.

Paige Spara Has An Average Height

1.57 m tall Paige Spara is turning 32 on 8 August this year; this alludes she was born on 8 August 1989. in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA. She is 156.8cm (5 feet 1.732 inches).

Her birth sign is Leo. She is Christian. She spent her childhood in her hometown.

In 2008 Paige graduated from Marymount Manhattan College. She went towards her further education in acting and spent two years within the conservatoire under the charge of the Point Park University Theater.

After she finished her education, she moved on to Marymount University, where she eventually collected a degree.

Paige Spara’s Family Has Mixed Ethnicity

Her parents were of mixed ethnicities. Her mother, Kim, and her father, Kevin, have Italian and Polish roots. Since the very childhood, she has shown qualities of interest in acting.

She is often thankful towards her mother, who has always encouraged and supported her to attain her aim. She has a younger brother Jesse Spara and an elder sister Taylor Spara.

Paige Spara Started Acting Since Childhood

Paige was hardly 12 when she first started her acting. She joined a local theatre for teenagers and took a part in an exceedingly range of plays. She furthermore took part in her acting classes while she was in high school.

Additionally, acting was clearly in her blood throughout her life.

She worked on her skills in New York theaters until it occurred to her suchlike it had been the simplest time to maneuver to Hollywood. It’s pretty rare that young actors reach their destination and receive prominent roles from the beginning. But her case was unique. She was no exception.

Until she reached Hollywood and started searching for success, she has done a range of jobs. She worked as a waitress, conducting bus tours as a guide, and assisting people virtually at the airport. 

Paige Spara Rose To Fame After The Good Doctor

The young actress impersonated within the feature film Home Again where she played a minor role as a bartender. 

The year 2014 was the inception of her Hollywood career. She received a role in Kelvin from Work. It had been her first serious and consequential role after an extended. Within this point, she impersonated in several commercials only.

In 2010 she has featured in a short film called “Prospect Street” and in 2014 short titled “What Showers Bring.”

Paige Spara fetches a recurring part on the ABC medical drama; the most noticeable screen appearance of her up to now is Lea Dilalli in the TV show The Good Doctor in 2017.

Is Paige Spara Dating Freddie Highmore?

Surprisingly, there had been some reasonable gossip that Freddie Highmore and Paige Spara are dating. Freddie Highmore is that the on-screen boyfriend of Paige within The Good Doctor. Both of them were neighbors in the first instance, later colleagues, and really close friends.

However, the romance stick purely onset only. They hold on to their private lives very personal.

Paige has never revealed her love and relationship status publicly. And within the opposition, Highmore was in the link to the starts, including Abigail Breslin, Dakota Fanning, and Sarah Bolger.

However, she shared two snaps together with her partner half with the caption of

“How it started and how it’s going”.

And also, there was a ring on her ring finger the second snap as long as actor Will Yun Lee posted three heart emojis and where Paige replied,

“You were legit the first person I told… thank you for your blessing that day Sir father Will!!!”.

Nevertheless, she has not said anything yet, but it looks as if she is already engaged.

Is Paige Spara pregnant?

The Good Doctor is a medical drama series. In the new episode of the series on 22 March 2021, Paige Spara’s character as Lea confirmed and revealed her pregnancy as she told her boyfriend, Dr. Shaun Murphy played by Freddie Highmore.

paige-spara-and -freddie-highmore

Paige Spara And Freddie Highmore in ‘The Good Doctor’ (©:

She said she was excited to reconnoiter how Lea and Shaun, her on-screen partner, should handle the pregnancy scenario.

As long as there’s a presumption that Paige is so far engaged, a number of her fans have also mused that Paige could be pregnant in real too.

Paige Spara’s Net Worth In 2021

Actress Paige Spara has an approximate net worth of $400,000. She straightens up actress; consequently, it’s evaluated that her net worth might get into grip an appreciable jump.

Besides acting, she has also been featured in a music video by Lauve I Like Me Better and also in commercial brands.