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NBC’s Morgan Radford Love Life With David Williams: About Engagement, & Wedding Canceled


The American news reporter Morgan Radford and her fiance David Williams decided to married on 23 May 2020, but their wedding day got canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On 25 May 2020, Morgan has made a tweet and uploaded a video via Twitter, writing:

In March, it became clear we needed to halt our #wedding plans. But little did I know (surprise!) — even though our planning stopped — the conga line had only just begun! We may not be married yet, but we ARE loved. And even better — we‘re all in this together.❤️

Their friends and family put together a sweet virtual toast for the newly engaged couple on their would-be wedding day and shared it with them in an online video group call.

Hope this year, the couple will tie their wedding knot.

Is Morgan Radford In A Love Relationship With David Williams?

Morgan Radford is in a love relationship with her beau David Williams. They are college mates, and they met during their college days when Morgan was 18. At that time, David was a senior and played soccer, where The Harvard graduate was in her sophomore year.

The pair became friends with each other when David Williams interviewed her for his senior research paper. After knowing each other for a while, and often spent time getting breakfast at Harvard’s Eliot Dining Hall and doing their works together during their college days.

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While few months before David’s graduation, they signed up at the Eleganza Fashion Show, then Morgan and David are close to each other.

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Even though David went to a law school, the pair kept in touch and continued their friendship throughout the years.

In 2017, the couple met each other during the conference held in London. The pair spent their quality time together during the meeting and danced together before William proposed Morgan to be more than just friends. Happily, Morgan agreed to the proposal, and their casual relationship turned out to be a romantic one.

Is Morgan Radford Engaged To David Williams?

Yes, Morgan Radford and David Williams are Engaged. Morgan got engaged with her beau, David Williams, on 29 November 2019 after dating for almost two years.

Morgan announced the news of her engagement with her boyfriend, David Williams, via Twitter, on the same day of their engagement by writing:

I’m engaged!!!Ring Cheers to life with the man who has made my world more beautiful since I met him when I was 18 years old in our college dorm. Here’s to celebrating the excitement he brings to my life, the steadiness he brings to my heart, and the hope he brings to my future.

On their special day, her family members, including her parents, attended on their engagement day. All family members are family for her and showed their cherished faces while Morgan showed her engagement ring.