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Who Is Molly McKew? Wikipedia, Parents, Education & Net Worth

Molly McKew

Who is Molly McKew? How does she has knowledge about Russia?

Molly McKew is a journalist who has great knowledge about Russian influence and information warfare. In the present situation between Ukraine and Russia, she is regularly in the news. This led to a keen interest in people to find out about her.

She has been active on Twitter regularly, with above 162K followers, 1.8k following, and 44.2k Tweets.

Who Is Molly McKew? Wikipedia

Molly McKew is an author, writer, lecturer about Russian influence and information warfare. Her birthday falls on 6 January every year. She is 44 years old as she was born on the year 1978.

Who Are Molly Mckew’s Parents?

Mckew was born to parents Sandy and Walter. She is the daughter of Walter Martin McKew (father) and Sandy McKew (mother).

Her mother was a feminist and activist for her entire life. She worked as a city planner and civil engineer. She tweeted a couple of pic with her mom where she thanks mom for letting run free in the mountains, play hookie, and thousands and thousands of miles of adventures.

She has a sister named Quinn, a mother of two children, Tiernan and Tristan. Molly grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Where Did Molly McKew Get Her Education?

Molly McKew started her education at Stanford University with a degree in science. However, she ended up gaining a bachelor’s degree in Arts in Russian Language, History, and Culture.

She did her master’s from the London School of Business in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. Her study focused on international studies.

She can talk in Russian and French other than English.

Is Molly McKew Married?

Molly McKew is very private about her personal life. There is no clear information about whether she is married or dating anyone. So. no one knows who is husband or boyfriend.

But she has a great love for her niece and nephew. She regularly posts activities with the kids of her sister.

How Much Is Molly McKew Net Worth?

Molly McKew specializes in the relationship between Russia and America. She regularly appears on TV for her opinions on Russian strategy. Her articles always get a column in Wired, Politico, The Washington Post, and many more.

Molly served as an adviser for the president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, from 2009 to 2013.

She is the founder of Fianna Strategies. Her company provides advice for governments and organizations dealing with high-risk situations.

Besides consulting and writing, she is a lecturer of the courses on psychological defense.

She has been active regularly in her work, so it is clear that she makes a good fortune for living. Her net worth has been estimated to be in the seven figures.