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Who is Melanie Hamrick Current Boyfriend? | Are Melanie Hamrick And Mick Jagger Still Together? | Also, About Engaged, Married, & Baby


No one on the earth can predicts their future. Sometimes, people end up finding their love in unexpected places and moments. Love has no limits and no boundaries, and love isn’t planned; it just happens.

Meet the duo, Melanie Hamrick and Mick Jagger. Melanie Hamrick is a ballerina dancer and choreographer who spent most of her life in ballet training and performing on the stage.

Melanie even had no idea that she would find her love of life in a Rolling Stones concert held in Japan. Additionally, she falls in love with a 43 years senior personality who is the most influential artist in rock and roll history.

Who Is Melanie Hamrick Current Boyfriend?

Melanie Hamrick Current Boyfriend’s name is Mick Jagger. Her beau is one of the richest rockstars and most influential artists in rock and rolls history.

Melanie’s partner’s real name is Sir Michael Philip Jagger, born on 26 July 1943 in Dartford, United Kingdom.

Mick Jagger is not only a musician but also an actor, film producer, and songwriter. He is also one of the founding member of the popular band The Rolling Stones.

The English-born musician currently ruling the world through music at the age of 78-year-old. Additionally, the boyfriend of Melanie Hamrick is ranked as the 8th richest rockstar on the planet who has won both the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

How Did Melanie Hamrick First Met With Mick Jagger?

Melanie Hamrick met her current boyfriend, Mick Jagger while attending a Rolling Stones concert in Japan. At the same time, Mick Jagger was on tour with his band in Japan.

Melanie attended one of their concerts and was invited backstage with several other ballerinas after the concert was over, and she met Mick and the other band’s members.

At that time, Mick Jagger had recently been in a relationship with L’Wren Scott, who died a few months after they split. The pair introduced each other, but they did not become friends immediately.

After a couple of days later, she was spotted with Mick on a luxurious hotel’s balcony in Zurich. Since 2014, their relationship began, and are together and enjoys their beautiful moment of life.

Is Melanie Hamrick Married?

No, Melanie Hamrick is not married yet. She loves enjoying her romantic relationship with her millionaire boyfriend, Mark Jagger. Melanie Hamrick is 43 years younger than Mick Jagger.

Melanie became pregnant in 2016 after years of their romantic relationship. Hamrick and Mick revealed they were expecting their first child together.

On 8 December 2016, the couple welcomed their first biological baby, a son named Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger. Deveraux is Melanie’s first child, whereas he is Mick’s eighth child.

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Mick has signed a contract with Melanie to bear all of Deveraux’s kid’s school fees, further education, and expenses until he turns 18.

The couple often uploads their romantic pictures together. On the occasion of her 34th birthday on 17 July 2021, she shared a photo on Instagram.

In the pictures, it shows her boyfriend, Mick Jagger, alongside their son. Melanie and Mark stood side by side, hugging Mick and kissing his cheek.

She wrote in the caption:

“Feeling all the love today ❤️ Thank you everyone for the wonderful messages 🙌🏼😍🥳”

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Melanie Hamrick’s fans and followers congratulated them and also showered a lot of love on her birthday. Even though Mick’s ex-girlfriend, Luciana Gimenez Morad, also wished Melanie a happy birthday in her comment.

They are spotted together on many occasions. Both of them do not like to discuss their personal life in the public media. However, Melanie is spending a luxurious life with her child in Los Angeles.

Was Melanie Hamrick Engaged With Jose Manuel Carreno?

Yes, previously hicked with Mick Jagger, Melanie Hamrick was in a relationship with a classical Cuban dancer named Jose Manuel Carreno.

The ex-pair started their relationship after her ex-beau, Jose Manuel, proposed to her in 2011.

The ex-pair even got engaged, but due to some misunderstanding, their relationship not worked well, and in the end, their relationship halt in 2015.