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Who Is Japanese Actor Masaki Kanda? Is He Still Married? Know About His Daughter & Net Worth

Masaki Kanda

The Japanese Veteran actor, Masaki Kanda, and his ex-wife, Seiko Matsuda are in deep pain recently. They lost their daughter named Sayaka Kanda, at the age of 35. The shocking news came into media on 18 December 2021, while the singer’s parents were unconscious after knowing that their daughter was no more. Sayaka agency confirmed her sudden death, briefing that she may have fallen from the 20th floor of the hotel in Sapporo where she stayed.

Accordingly, the police possibly predicted that the Japanese singer Sayaka committed suicide, but the news is not confirmed.

She was seen in the outdoor space of the 14th floor of a hotel and declared dead while reached to the hospital.

According to the media reports, Sayaka Kanda had been scheduled to star in the musical, My Fair Lady at a Sapporo theatre on Saturday afternoon.

Sadly, the singer couldn’t perform her last show as the event also got postponed.

Who Is Masaki Kanda? How Old Is He?

Masaki Kanda is a Japanese actor born on 21 December 1950 in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan. He is currently 71-years-old and has the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

He is famously known by his Japanese named a.k.a 神田 正輝, and famously recognized him as a famous Japanese actor.

Masaki wants to keep family life a secret. Though, the identity of the Japanese actor, Masaki Kanda’s parents, is unknown in public.

The 71-years-old actor stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.78m tall.

Is Masaki Kanda Still Married?

Masaki Kanda was once a married actor and is currently single. Previously, Masaki tied his wedding knot with his girlfriend, Seiko Matsuda, a Japanese Pop Singer.

The couple got married on 24 June 1985 in their hometown Tokyo. Masaki Kanda was spotted wearing a black suit while his wife was spotted wearing a white gown, looking at her husband’s eyes while carrying a bouquet in her hands.

Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage wasn’t successful, and their relationship came into halts in 1997.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Masaki Kanda?

The net worth of the Masaki Kanda is not known to the public and is under evaluation. However, he has earned a decent sum of money from his professional career as a Japanese actor.

As per, it estimates that an average salary of a Japanese actor is up to JPY 11317117 per year. Converting it to the American dollar, it is $98702.39 a year.

When Did Masaki Kanda Start His Career?

Masaki Kanda started his professional career as an actor in 1972 and portrayed Doc’s role in the TV Series named Taiyô ni hoero!.

He landed into his second TV Series named Daitokai – Tatakai no hibi as Sotaro jin from 1976 to 1978 for 83 episodes.

As a Japanese actor, he characterized his roles on various TV Series and TV movies, including Caribe: Symphony of Love (1985), Rinrin to (1990), Ebarake no hitobito (1991), Samayoeru nouzui (1993), Kamon (2002), Burû torein happun teisha (2004), Red Dead Wagon 29: The Reunion (2012), and others.