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Know About Lupillo Rivera Married Life? Who Is he Currently Married With? | Also About Children

Lupillo Rivera Married

Lupillo Rivera is an award-winning singer who has married thrice during his personal life. His personal life is quite a bit unsuccessful compared to his professional career.

He faced lots of ups and downs in his marital life. His three wifes named are Maria Gorola, Mayeli Alonso, and Giselle Soto.

Who Is Lupillo Rivera Current Wife?

The late Jenni Rivera’s brother, Lupillo Rivera’s current wife named is Giselle Soto. Lupillo’s present wife, Giselle, is a 26-years young Mexican businesswoman, a TikTok sensation, and an Instagram star.

Giselle runs a famous eyebrow brand Giselle Soto Brows business, located in Los Angeles, California. At the age of just 22-years-old, a native of Oxnard, California, started her business venture.

She has more than 174k followers on her Instagram page, while many fans and followers usually follow her beauty-related tutorials.

Is Lupillo Rivera Still Married To Giselle Soto?

Lupillo Rivera and Giselle Soto got married secretly. There is no exact information available regarding their marriage.

However, the singer announced that Giselle’s businesswoman is not his girlfriend; instead, she is his wife and composed a romantic song for her.

Meanwhile, looking at their Instagram profile, the couple has been together since 2020. They showcased their romantic pictures and expressed their love for each other on their social media platforms.

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On 26 December 2020, Giselle uploaded a picture on her official Instagram with her husband, showcased her engagement ring, and expressed her love.

Despite having a 24-years age difference, Lupillo Rivera and Giselle Soto loved each other a lot.

When Did Lupillo Rivera First Met Mayeli Alonso?

Initially, Lupillo and Mayeli first met in March 2003 while doing his concert in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Mayeli Rivera recalled the moment saying, Lupillo was one of the most handsome men that she had ever seen in her life while she saw him on the stage.

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After knowing each other, they hitched up together and started dating in 2003. Since then, the couple started uploading their romantic pictures together and uploaded them via social media platforms.

The Mexican-American singer and an American businesswoman got engaged in November 2005.

When Did Lupillo Rivera & Mayeli Alonso Marry?

Lupillo Rivera is a married man. He gets married thrice in his personal life. Before Mayeli Alonso, he married Maria Gorola, sharing two children named Ayana Rivera and Abigail Rivera.

After his divorce from his first wife, Lupillo get married to Mayeli Alonso, an American businesswoman.

Lupillo and Mayeli got married on 29 April 2006, and the wedding ceremony took place in Garden Grove, California.

The couple almost spends almost $100,000 on their marriage where their friends, family, and a few celebrities made their appearance on their special day.

Does Lupillo Rivera Have Children With Mayeli Alonso?

Yes, Lupillo Rivera has a child sharing with Mayeli Alonso. The pair are the parents of two children.

Their first child, a daughter named Lupita Karisma Rivera, was born on 4 August 2004, around a year before their engagement.

The duo became the parents of their second child, a son named L’Rey Rivera, who was born on 8 August 2008.

Why Did Lupillo Rivera And Mayeli Alonso Get Divorced?

Sadly, the Mexican-American songwriter Lupillo Rivera went apart from his wife, Mayeli Alonso.

After almost 12-years of their marriage, Lupillo and Mayeli divorced on 4 May 2018. The reason due to their split is irreconcilable differences.

The other reason is Lupillo’s accusation that his wife cheated on him.

Although, his ex-wife denied his allegations and uploaded a long status on the status via her Instagram page on 7 May 2018.