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Who Is Lacey Hester? Is She Adopted? Explore About Married Life And Net Worth

Lacey Hester

Lacey Hester is an American celebrity step-daughter of Terry Bradshaw, who has avoided fame throughout her life. However, recently she has been viewers favorite with her humble personality on “The Bradshaw Bunch.”

Who Is Lacey Hester? 

Lacey Hester is an American personality. Who is best known as the step-daughter of former American football quarterback Terry Bradshaw. Terry Bradshaw played professionally in the National Football League (NFL).

Thirty-six-year-old Lacey Hester was born in 1984 in the USA, and her birth name was Lacey Hester Luttrull.

By the looks of the photos Lacey Hester uploaded, she seems quite tall relative to her surroundings. However, there is no verified information regarding her exact height and birth details.

In 2009, she lost her older brother, Cody Luttrull, to a drug overdose.

Lacey is a coach of a high schools girls basketball team.

Is Lacey Hester Active On Social Media?

Lacey Hester is quite active in social media and has an Instagram account under @lacey_hester_ name. She has in total of 32.7k followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, she is following 1,028. And has uploaded 1,090 posts to date.

Through her Instagram, Lacey is giving a glimpse of her daily life to her followers.

“Momma first | basketball fanatic | wife to @chefnoahhester | #thebradshawbunch on @eentertainment – Season 2 coming 2021 |”, Lacey included in her bio.

 Lacey also has an active Facebook account. The Facebook account is named @Lacey Hester-Luttrull, where she has mentioned that she works at Bethesda Family Services Foundation. While her education information is not provided.

She has 1208 friends in her Facebook account and shares her photos and videos just like her Instagram account.

Who Are Lacey Hester’s Parents?

Biologically, Lacey Hester’s parents are Tammy Bradshaw, Terry’s fourth wife, and her ex-husband David Luttrull. Tammy and David divorced when Lacey Hester was very young. And soon after, Tammy started dating Terry Bradshaw.

And Lacey’s stepfather Terry Bradshaw has been the closest to the father figure ever since. Including Lacey Hester, Terry Bradshaw has three daughters. Rachel Bradshaw and Erin Bradshaw grew up with Lacey, and they are pretty close. Lacey Hester also had an older brother but had to lose him due to a drug overdose.

Her two sisters, Rachel Bradshaw and Erin Bradshaw, are from his father’s side and his third ex-wife, Charla Hopkins or Charlotte Hopkins. Erin Bradshaw is a world champion equestrian, and Rachel Bradshaw is a real estate agent.

Is Lucy Hester Adopted?

Lacey’s stepfather Terry Bradshaw has been married four times. And he, at last, tied the knot with his current wife and Lacey’s mother Tammy in 2014.

Terry Bradshaw adopted Lacey Hester after Lacey’s mother Tammy divorced her ex-husband and Lacey’s biological father. Soon, Tammy started dating Terry, and he was a close father figure to her, and he adopted her. And this father-daughter duo shares an adorable and strong bond.

Who Is Lucy Hester Married To?

Lacey Hester was married to Noah Hester on 7 August 2016. Noah Hester is a private chef. Lacey and Noah Hester have two beautiful kids together. Daughter Zuri was born in April 2013, and a son Jeb was born on 3 June 2017. Though, Zuri is born with the previous relationship of Lacey Hester. 

The adorable family of Lacey, along with her husband’s kids, live in Hawaii. Meanwhile, there are planning to move back to Texas to be close to their family.

Lacey Hester and Noah Hester got married after some years of dating. They met in Hawaii in late 2014. After dating for almost two years, Noah proposed to Lacey in April 2016.

She recently posted a photo of her wedding on her Instagram and wished her husband a happy anniversary; as she captioned,

“Happy anniversary to my BEST friend. I love you. Each year is better than the last. Forever doesn’t seem like enough time with you. @chefnoahhester

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However, Lacey Hester’s previous relation with whom she had is not yet disclosed.

How Much Net Worth Does Lacey Hester Have?

As of 2020, Lacey Hester’s net worth was close to $5 million. 

She is a private person, so having access to her personal life is quite challenging. Likewise, Lacey Hester has kept her finances quite out of the public eye. 

Since Lacey is married to a chef of some repute, most of Lacey Hester’s wealth seems to be from her family. But Lacey Hester is certainly quite well off. 

She appeared in “Celebrity Family Feud” along with the Bradshaws. Though all money goes to charity, Lacey’s visibility in the public eye is certain to have helped her financial affairs.

Also, She has a moderately successful social media account that she might decide to monetize as an influencer.